Pizza Murderers and Beer Assistants

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kou beer assistant and pizza murderNow your players can finally make use of that weapon specialization “Giant Pizza Wheel of Death” feat they took 3 levels ago. The Pizza murder is a flat out huge two handed pizza cutter designed to slice even the most stubborn pizza crust, and your GM’s Big Bad Evil Guy with wreckless abandon. It measures in at a lengthy 17 inches long with a cutter wheel over 4″ in diameter.

Wielding that giant slicing wheel of death will undoubtedlybog oak pizza murder and beer assistant work up a healthy thirst. So why not pair it with a matching Beer Assistant to make popping the top off you favorite libation as easy as squashing a Kobold under your giant armored boot. The Beer Assistant is a +1 Masterwork bottle opener any salty old tavern owner would be proud to wield. Weighing in at a hefty 1.5 – 2 lbs, not only does the Beer Assistant crack the tops off the tall frosty goodness, it gives you a full 10 inches of beat down to crack the heads of any unruly PC’s that get out of line. Each of these Beer Assistant’s and Pizza Murderers are crafted from either the rare Hawiian Ko’u or the sinister Ancient Bog Oak. The Ko’u set features massive diameter handles, while the Ancient Bog Oak set has been turned down to a refined elegant shape perfect for those that took the weapon finesse feat. Each one of our Beer Assistant’s and Pizza Murders come in a walnut box lined with a high density foam rubber to display your +1 Masterwork item of choice while it’s not in use.

beer assistants in walnut boxes

2 reviews for Pizza Murderers and Beer Assistants

  1. Brad H

    Man those are gorgeous!!! Wish I hadn’t just ordered one of the last batch you made! Love the look of the ancient bog wood! Hell both of them are awesome!

  2. Charlie Brumfield

    thanks brad! the one you scored looks awesome too.

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