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MK X Box and Purple Heart PolyhedralsIn our never-ending search to find the perfect dice box, we’ve developed our 10th iteration, the MK X. The MK X Dice Box features a magnetic lid boasting N52 neodymium magnets, along with a laser cut insert designed to hold your dice securely in place, thicker sidewalls to better withstand the rigors of your gaming bag and the trained gorillas employed by the Post Office. The biggest change is in the all new shape. The 5in diameter disc is the perfect size to hold roughly 2 dozen dice (with the insert removed) and it still fits comfortably in your cargo pocket.

MK X Box in Purple HeartWe are launching the MK X as our standard dice box at GenCon this year. All order shipping after then will receive the MK X upgrade. To celebrate our best dice box to date, we’re making the first run in Purple Heart with one of our matching Purple Heart ten dice polyhedral dice sets.

NOTE: the first run of these has been sold out, but we are still taking orders for them in the specialty category.




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2 reviews for Purple Heart Dice and MK X Box Sets

  1. Winchester Cheshire cat

    Please let me know if this will be available again

    • Charlie Brumfield

      you can order purple heart dice here:

  2. Steven

    Will this be made again? I know the dice themselves will but this combo is beautiful.

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