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canary give away setSo while we were working bugs out of the Box Maker this week, we ran a few purple heart boxes to set the feed rates for the insanely hard woods. That left us with a few boxes hanging around that were filing empty and need some dice to fill them. So over the next several days we’ll be stuffing those boxes with dice and posting them here. Typically a purple heart dice box would run you $65, but since we needed to make these anyway we’re going to toss them in for free.

So how’s this work? For starters we’re giving away this killer set of Canary Wood Polyhedral Dice. To win that you’ll need to head on over to our FaceBook page and recommend a game for us to try out for BBG Con. We’ll choose our favorites from your recommendations to try out and BBG Con next week. Once we play them we’ll vote on the best one. Whoever recommends the game we choose will win the Canary Wood set. If multiple folks recommend the same game then, we’ll break out my player killing d20 and have a roll off to decide the winner.

Pink Ivory and Purple HeartSo on top of the give away, we’ll be posting a single set in a 5d6 box and a single Polyhedral set every day until we run out of our Purple Heart test boxes. The first 2 sets of dice can be see to the right and are made from Pink Ivory, which has become one of my favorite woods to work with over the past year, not to mention that once the purple heart boxes fully oxidize to their deep purple coloration, the Pink Ivory will have a killer contrast to the box. But let’s say pink isn’t your favorite color. Well then you’re in luck because tomorr0w’s dice will be something totally different. To see what that is you’ll have to check back here tomorrow around lunch time when we add the next 2 sets to this page.

 Kentucky Coffee and Assorted PolyhedralsFirst Update:

Today we’ve added a set of assorted d20s that contains Renis Tiger Wood, Purple Heart, Blue Mahoe, and Zebra wood. Along with a set of Kentucky Coffee Polyhedrals. The Kentucky Coffee tree got it’s name from the trees seeds being used as a coffee substitute for real coffee in during hard times. It was widely used as a coffee substitute by the South during the Civil War. However the bean contain a poison cytisine if not fully roasted, which has been used as a therapy to help folks who are trying to quit smoking, even though it can cause death by shutting down the respiratory system. So I don’t think I’ll be pouring myself a cup of Kentucky Coffee any time soon.

44 reviews for Purple Heart Test Box Sale

  1. Steven desJardins

    I’ve been meaning to try out Eight-Minute Empire. Looks like a quick, fun game.

  2. Michael Dunn

    I would recommend Risk: The Walking Dead edition for you to try. Great game concept and I would love a set of your amazing dice.

  3. Kevin Blaskie

    It’s an old one. but Circus Maximus was a fun one to play…chariot racing.

  4. David A Dupuis

    Try pandemic, (no dice) or a great game called Memoir 44 that is a great WWII game.

  5. Fred Swick

    Pandemic, A co-op players against the game that the game wins way too much. A ton of fun, a great play system, sometimes quite frustrating, but you always want to go back for more!

  6. Tim Meyer

    I’m not sure if they will be there, but if so, totally play a test game of “Camp Grizzly” for me.

    Otherwise you can’t go wrong with “Munchkin Quest”.

    Oh, and…
    DOOMTOWN! One of the best CCGs of all time, my buddy will be running events, demoing and giving cards all weekend!

  7. Rex

    Titan. Can’t go wrong with Titan. Keep it in my car and bring it with me everywhere. 😀

  8. Andy B

    Try the Dork Tower game, a little like Talisman but with added humour and craziness

  9. Klaus Kristiansen

    King’s Forge is a fun game. And you get to roll lots of dice!

  10. Klaus Kristiansen

    Oops. King’s Forge is not available yet, except as print and play, So you will probably not find it at the con. I recommend Tzolkin. It is the best worker placement game I have played.

  11. Trent Harris

    Try Boss Monster epic board game drawn using pixel art to look like an old nes game. Crazy fun, and did i mention your the badguy? Well ya you are and its amazing!

  12. Donald P Rule

    I would love to buy just a Purple Heart box to go w/ my set of Purple Heart dice which I already own

  13. Justin Beeh

    I am always partial to Arkham Horror, or you can rock Redneck Life or Trailer Park wars but Gut Busting Games.

    If you wanted fast fun little card games though. Nuts, Poo or Kittens in a Blender

  14. Ben

    I recommend Lords of Waterdeep. Euro style worker management game set in the Forgotten Realms universe that puts you in charge of sending parties of adventurers on quests like “Domesticate Owlbears.”

  15. Kilrathi

    Out of curiosity, what was the set for today (day two)?

    Purple Heart boxes are sweet – my cube day set of PH dice in a PH box is awesome (box is a bit sticky to open but the set is great).

  16. Pirate Jarnes

    I’m still thinking about games I know, but where are the next set of dice? 🙂

    • Pirate Jarnes

      Oh, bugger, the d20’s are gone! I was having bank issues.

  17. Brad F

    Cave farmers

  18. Mel

    Terra Mystica! A great, fairly recent (2012) game

  19. Zac

    If it’s available, give The Resistance: Coup a try.

  20. Joseph McEvoy

    Might I suggest Ship, Captain, and Crew. A simple dice game that does not involve an actual board. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ship,_Captain,_and_Crew

    However, if you must have a board… you could always find a classic version of Ogre or Arkham Horror…

  21. Michael Russell

    If Serpent’s Tongue is there definitely try that, otherwise play Ogre, play lots of Ogre.

  22. Julie McLaney

    I would love to try Walking Dead Monopoly, but then again, I’m a Monopoly fan from years back. 🙂

  23. Tim

    You guys should try “Betrayal at the house on Haunted Hill” it is a blast… and a good exersise in co-op play.

  24. Troy

    Talisman is fun! or perhaps for a more involved game try Game of Thrones. Strategy is a must for GoT.

  25. Anthony Van Duzer

    If they have it battlelore is a great game though out of print now. If not definitely go for Ascension its an amazing deck building game.

  26. Lauren Williams-Hackman

    Lords of Waterdeep (or, as we call it in my circle, Lords of Water”derp”) is a lot of fun, and if you like cute but deadly characters Super Dungeon Explorer is a lot of fun as well. A friend of mine is custom painting the minis, which gives it a much more personal touch.

  27. Jacob Padilla

    The Pathfinder card game is an awesome dungeon-y fast game.

  28. Mark

    The Redneck Game of Life.

  29. John Idlor

    You can play a game of dice farmer. Or another quick game is dungeon heros.

  30. Erica

    Check out Cavemen: The Quest For Fire, from Rio Grande Games. 🙂

  31. James

    you MUST play 7 wonders! I’ve played soooo many board games, and that is my favorite at the moment.

  32. Sean

    X Wing by FFG; way fun, and the modell ships look fantastic!

  33. Jon Uyeda

    Betrayal at house on the hill is a fun game my friends and i tried recently. It’s put out by wizards of the coast and has a modular card map thingy that you shuffle and discover anew each play through. and there is a “randomly” generated scenario each time based on who triggers it and what items they have. (randomly being 1 of 30 scenarios)

  34. Wade Lesikar

    How about Boothill? It’s the only game I used polyhedrals in besides D&D. Great wild west game!

  35. Danica

    The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game! 🙂

  36. Chris Kogut

    DND Adventures – The Legand of Drizzt! My friends and I have never beaten a single round. That game is just out to get you and it rocks!

  37. Josh

    It’s not exactly a *board* game, but you need to give DrunkQuest a try!

  38. Mona

    Firefly: The Board Game

  39. Emmalee

    Kingdom Builder is a great, quick (it’s listed as 45mins) fun game. I’d recommend adding a pen and paper to score with instead of using the back of one of the boards and the cheese wheel piece though. Since you randomly choose the tiles and the way your score the game, you can have lots of combinations.

    Or, if you want a really tough game, pick up Zpocalypse from Greenbrier Games. 2 to 4 players, but it’s one of the best zombie games I’ve ever played. We’ve managed to win 3 times, and 2 of those were barely, with like one person left out of an entire squad. As players you control squads, and you have to feed them, scavenge for items, can build barricades/traps and kill zombies. And when you go out to kill the zombies, that phase does not end until you die, or all the zombies are dead. And then you go out and do it all over again. For 4 nights. You want to see swarms of zombies, you will get swarms of zombies.

  40. Samantha

    Settlers of Catan is pretty fun for a group of 3 or more, especially when you add in the expansion packs!

  41. Barbara

    I’m old-fashioned. I loves me some Call of Cthulhu when I can find it.

  42. Dion

    Time & temp, great rpg that takes little time to set up or event to make characters.

  43. Sandy Douma

    Try Retro Raygun a game written by my husband. Designed to have a kinda of old robot space feel. Minatures designed by Matthew Beauchamp. Available through hydraminiatures. I would LOVE to win these for my husband a real role playing, game playing nut!

  44. Lauren Grover

    My current favorite group game is The Resistance. It’s a great combination of logic problem and theater.

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