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redr iver gum dice with basankia sead pod dice cupRed River Gum is an amazingly smooth textured wood. Even dry wood cuts as easy as if it were green, though it does dull tools rather fast.  Red River Gum prefers the flowing creek beds and rivers of Australia where they can live for over 700 years.

Red River Gum has a reddish orange heart wood with a white sap. The wood is extremely dense and has a noticeable weight in your hand which makes for a wonderful feel in a set of dice. Red River Gum is one of my favorite woods to work with.

Please note: The Red River Gum image has not been updated. Your dice will be engraved with numbers and not pips (dots). Updated photo coming soon. Dice pictured has white sap included in the dice, however, most dice will not have sap wood.

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  1. Laura

    Several of the red woods fade or change to brown. Is this wood stable? I also wonder if there are any photos of the polyhedrals in this wood. It looks gorgeous!

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