Redwood Burl Dyed Blue


redwood lacewood burl dyed blueCut from 100+ year old Redwood tree stumps that were left behind during the great logging boom of the Pacific Northwest, these burls are now being reclaimed from 15 – 20 foot tall stumps, as they are highly sought after for their burled grain, kind of ironic since that figured grain was the reason they were left behind since the saw mills couldn’t use it for lumber.

These dice are of the figured lace burl variety, and have been stabilized with a blue dyed polymer. They look fantastic, full of contrasting swirls as well as the “eyes” that make up the lace pattern. Since burls are full of gnarly swirling grain, the dye was absorbed during the stabilization process at differing rates resulting  in a plethora of colors ranging from deep blues to greens, yellows, and warm red tones that occur naturally in the burl.

close up of grain pattern

close up of grain pattern

As I’m sure you’ve already notice, there are 2 d20’s pictured here. The one on the right is included with the set and the one on the left is being sold separately. You can find both the set, and the single d20 below.


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