Redwood Burl

Redwood Burl


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This stock comes from 100+ year old Redwood tree stumps that were left behind during the great logging boom of the Pacific Northwest. The 15 – 20 ft. tall stumps are now being reclaimed as they are highly sought after for their burled grain, kind of ironic since their burled grain was the reason they were left behind as the saw mills wouldn’t use them.

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4dF, 4d6, 5d6, 6d6, 1d20, 10d10, Full Polyhedral Set

2 reviews for Redwood Burl

  1. I would like a full rug set from this wood. How much and how long with a box to match would be great.

  2. How does the redwood weather over time? I’ve had pocket knife handles made out of redwood and, over the course of years, the oil from my hand has darkened drastically stained the wood a very dark black.

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