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All of our Redwood is harvested from the stumps of Old Growth Redwood trees that were harvest in the 1800’s. None of these living giants are harmed to make your dice. Redwoods are truly a sight to behold. These behemoths grow to gigantic proportions in the temperate rain forest of the Pacific Northwest. They are the largest living organisms in the world. Each tree is a biotope of its own supporting a cavalcade of life from the bottom of its roots to the upper most reaches of its canopy.

Redwood tends to be light weight and a reddish brown color. Since we use reclaimed stump wood we get is highly figured with large sweeping curls and burl eyes.

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2 reviews for Redwood Burl

  1. Smitty

    I would like a full rug set from this wood. How much and how long with a box to match would be great.

  2. Justin

    How does the redwood weather over time? I’ve had pocket knife handles made out of redwood and, over the course of years, the oil from my hand has darkened drastically stained the wood a very dark black.

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