Royal Ebony D6’s in a Bloodwood Box



royal ebony in a bloodwood box x6Royal Ebony is a gorgeous wood. It’s super dense and there for has a nice weight to it, and it sounds amazing when rolled. Pair it up with a Bloodwood dice box and it looks flat amazing. The Red and Black colors look sinister.

3 reviews for Royal Ebony D6’s in a Bloodwood Box

  1. Yllidor

    Drat. Looks like I missed this one. Oh well. Maybe I’ll have better luck next time. Congratulations to those who managed to score a set.

  2. Cazden

    It’s too bad these are SOLD OUT. How much was this set?

  3. Bryan Coats

    Are you going to be doing another Run of these and if so Is it possible to be notified when this happens?

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