The Scholar PencilSo after making a metric ton of Scribes for our Kickstarter backers, we’ve been looking for a way to upgrade our Scribe to be a bit more rugged, as the standard click pencil lead breaks easily. Enter the Scholar. In the scholar we use a much nicer Parker style pen mechanism along with a 2mm artist style pencil lead. Why 2mm? Well during my many years in college studying to be an artist I fell in love with 2mm lead holders as they can hold one of 20 different types of artist grade leads like these. So I was more than ecstatic to find a hardware set that used my favorite leads :). These kinds of pencils are great for sketching and graphite work and we include 2B lead which is a good all around hardness. This makes for an excellent gaming pencil for marking on character sheets or keeping track of initiative thanks to the strong 2mm lead.

These Scholars are the pencil only and crafted from Box Elder Burl Dyed in either Red or Blue.

3 reviews for Scholar

  1. Miranda

    I love lead holder style pencils so I hope to see more of these in other colors <3

  2. Kevin

    When will you have the blue in stock? It’s a beautiful pencil.

    • Charlie Brumfield

      if you’d like you can order another one. just send us a message at

  3. Pirate Jarnes

    Is there any sort of eraser on the back?

    • Charlie Brumfield

      yes under the end cap

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