Second Wind d20s



Polyester Lead Polyester Resin d20s are machined from a special blend of polyester and acrylic resins that, combined, have a slightly softer durometer to enhance the elastic collision of a dice roll. When expertly rolled, polyester resin dice exhibit a unique double-bounce effect that we call “Second Wind”. Masters of polyester resin dice will learn to throw a die so it lands on a vertex (the point where the edges of the die come together) during the roll, causing a temporary deformation of the vertex. The vertex rebounds violently, tossing the die back in to the air with noticeable force.

Polyester doesn’t just make for trick dice though. It has been in use since the 1940s, when DuPont purchased the rights from its inventors, Dickenson and Whitfield, and released the first polyester cloth. Later, this would lead to the wonder years of the leisure suit in the 1970s. Polyester doesn’t stop at being the choice fabric for a badly dressed decade, though. It’s a truly high-tech material used to create fire retardant racing suits, liquid crystal displays and holograms. Another use of note to Artisan Dice fans is the use of polyester resin as the polymer of choice for stabilization in our dyed burls and stabilized woods.

Polyester Lead AltPolyesters are polymers consisting of an ester (an alkoxy acid like glycerol) functional group.  The most common way polyesters are manufactured is through the use of a condensation reaction called azeotrope esterification, where two molecules are combined to form the ester base group with the addition of an oligomer (of a chain of monomers), along with a byproduct of alcohol called the condensate, which must be continually removed from the reaction with a desiccant.

In our introductory run of Second Wind, each die exhibits a unique swirled marble pattern of contrasting colors in the range of hues available below.


Cookies and Cream

Cookies and Cream

Mother Earth

Mother Earth

Molten Metal

Molten Metal

Velvet and Velour

Peacock Feathers

Royal Bronze

Royal Bronze



10 reviews for Second Wind d20s

  1. Disgruntled

    $39+ Really? I can see $5, maybe $7.

    • Destructicus

      I’m sure pressure vessels and the other equipment they use to make these are essentially free.

      • xero

        the rule of thumb is a 10% markup on materials used in production but when mass producing your suposed to spread that out over the run…if so HOLY CRAP

  2. kat

    @Disgruntled – really? If you don’t like the price then don’t buy them. Your comment essentially equates to asking an artist why they are selling handmade products at a high price. You pay for time, labor, materials, and product.

    • Tony

      Not to mention quality, which is something I love about Artisan.

  3. Joe

    Really want. REALLY really want, seriously. But I simply cannot buy a single d-20 die for $40 bucks. Its just not something I can do. Please consider a 50% off Christmas holiday special for the poor folks, Santa will thank you.

  4. Ann

    When will they be available to ship? By Christmas?

    • Charlie Brumfield

      yup these are shipping out today.

  5. Nick Qquaderer

    Very cool stuff! Love the unique double bounce property. Will definitely pick some up when you get the chance to make full sets!

  6. Kain

    Love it!

  7. Jason Brown

    Love the Royal Bronze. But i would want an entire set. Not just a D20.

  8. Brian

    Just received my d20 today (a few days after ordering it) and I really like it! It’s weird and kind of freaky to watch it roll… It skitters and hops and the spin changes direction randomly. It’s unlike any die I’ve ever seen! I rolled it against the backsplash of my counter — as if shooting craps — and the d20 shot back at me with a ridiculous amount of force, all the while doing it’s crazy dance. I couldn’t be happier with this one. Thanks a lot!

  9. Dan

    These are beautiful!!! I’m looking forward to seeing all the colors you can make from this material. Also, this will be the first full set I will buy from you, once available. Cheers!

  10. shadowdream87

    Is there a way to be notified when these may be back on sale again?

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