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Sharp Dressed Bastards in Gator Jaw BoneSo what happens when you take a Fat Bastard and dress it to the 9s? You get a Sharp Dressed Bastard. Built on our properly girthy Fat Bastard pen, the Sharp Dressed Bastard, the girthiest of dimensions. At 6″ in length and  3/4″ diameter the Sharp Dressed Bastard is the thickest pen we make. It’s 2.5 times the diameter of the Scribe, our smallest pen.

Sharp Dressed Bastard in Gator Jaw Bone Bayou BlueBut that’s where the similarities end. Unlike the Fat Bastard, this pen has weight, thanks to its all metal components.** Those metal components are plated in Stirling Silver and 24 Karat Gold then accented with enough filigreed flamboyance to satisfy any Victorian Era Dandy.

In keeping with the Victorian Era theme, the Sharp Dressed Bastard, is available as a fountain pen with a threaded post able cap** and a insanely smooth writing Germany Iridium Nib that is also plated in 24 karat gold and Stirling Sliver.Sharp Dressed Bastard in Gator Jaw Bone Red Snapper

The first two Sharp Dressed Bastards are available in Gator Jaw Bone cast in either Red Snapper or Bayou Blue resins.

The blue holes you see are the resin filling in the teeth holes in the jaw bone. The gator jawbones come from farm raised gators, who much like carnivorous cows are raised for meat and leather. Gator tail is some wonderfully tasty stuff.

fat bastard blue mahoe in boxAs with all of our pens, the Sharp Dressed Bastard is polished in excess of 2000 grit before being buffed to a spectacular luster, which highlights the pearlescent nature of the casting resins. Each Sharp Dressed Bastard comes in a laser cut walnut box padded with foam rubber inserts.

**In order to keep the postable cap, the plastic threadsert is retained from the Fat Bastard. This is to ensure the metallic butt end of the pen is not marred by the cap.

2 reviews for Sharp Dressed Bastard

  1. mommayoung12

    when will these be available for purchase again??

  2. Howard Bishop

    Seconded. Do you plan on doing another run of these when you do another run of gator bone dice?

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