Single Bois de Rose d20s


bois de rose d20sBois De Rose is the rarest wood we work with since it is no longer legal to import in to the United States. This wood is endemic to Madagascar and is one of the premier Rosewoods. It has and usual coloration and an amazing tonal quality. What does that mean? We’ll it means that it makes great musical instruments, so much so that companies like Gibson use it in their finest guitars. In the world of dice that tap tone translates to a very distinct sound when rolled. The dice almost seem to ring when rolled on a glass, stone, or similar surface.

Bois de Rose has a very distinct coloration, that ranges from bright magenta to a gorgeous deep cherry color.  The wood polishes to an unbelievable glass like shine, and has a distinctive sharp spicy scent when worked.  This scent lead to its use in perfumes and fragrances before it was deemed endangered. Since this wood is an endangered species we do NOT use any stock that was cut after the preban date of the 1976 CITES treaty. Our supplier uses stock that was imported before the ban and only allows us to buy it in very limited quantities as it is highly sought after. Please note that we will NOT ship this wood out side of the United States due to customs regulations.

Here we’ve got 3 d20’s crafted from Bois de Rose that are ready for the engraver. Like the Bog Oak Burl dice, they will be engraved over the weekend and shipped the first part of next week.


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