The Pair O’ Awesome d20s


Pair O Awesome - Laotian Black and White Ebony Burl and Honduran Rosewood BurlWe’ve put two of the most awesome burls in existence together as a matched pair. Honduran Rosewood Burl and Laotian Black and White Ebony Burl. What exactly is a burl? A burl is a tree tumor that typically forms as the result of a fungal infection, insect infestation, or a bark inclusion. When the tree starts to grow around these foreign elements, the normally straight grain is forced to grow in wild twisted patterns that aren’t found anywhere else.

Our Honduran Rosewood Burl d20s are crafted from instrument grade Honduran Rosewood Burl giving the set a decidedly musical note when rolled. The grain pattern is nearly indescribable, with wild striations of contrasting blacks, and violet browns that polish to a glass like finish with a seemingly metallic depth and a slight opalescence shimmer. This burl is oh my damn pretty and is by far one of my favorites.

Pair O Awesome BoxedThe Laotian Black and White Ebony Burl’s buttery texture is the perfect opposite to the glassy nature of Honduran Rosewood Burl. It is a true ebony from South East Asia. Unlike most exotic woods, Black and White Ebony has a wildly variegated color pattern that consists of interspersed black and white patches. The burl however, is another story entirely. The typical black and white patches are gone and the colors are intermingled in a fantastically subtle marble pattern not seen in any other wood. In addition to the typical black and white colors, you’ll also find greens and purples which look to be the a result of the fungus that caused this ultra rare burl to form.

Each pair of d20’s will come in a laser cut walnut box that is numbered 1 – 12 as there is only 12 Pair O’ Awesome sets.


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