Thurmanite d20s


Thurmanite d20s It’s may sound explosive, but much to Fluffy’s chagrin, Thurmanite® is not known for going BOOM. Thurmanite® is a man-made composite material that was conceived by James Thurman just over 10 years ago while working on his Master degree in Metalsmithing at Cranbrook Academy of Art. It is created by sandwiching hundreds of layers of recycled paper and epoxy resin together to build up a blank of significant thickness. After which, it can be worked with normal wood working tools.  You can see a video below on how raw Thurmanite® is created.

For about a year now one of our customers has been requesting a run of Thurmanite® dice, well he’s finally gotten his wish. Mr. Thurman sent over a couple of samples for us to try out and, the results are quite unique! This first run of twenty sided dice have been hewn from the written word. Those words have left their pattern in the trademarked striping found in Thurmanite®. This makes for a one of a kind pattern on these dice.

Thurmanite d20s
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