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valentines day d20sSo this year for Valentine’s Day, we’ve made a handful of d20 sets from Red Heart, Pink Ivory, and American Holly all wrapped up in a laser cut figured Black Walnut dice box. We’ve also got Red Heart, Pink Ivory, and American Holly d20s available individually as well. All of the above will receive expedited shipping to ensure arrival in plenty of time for Valentine’s Day. (EDIT: Price has been increased to include Express Mail shipping to ensure dilivery by Valentine’s Day)


Please note: International orders can not be guaranteed to arrive before Valentine’s Day.

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  1. Will

    What sort of box would an individual d20 come in, because i was looking to buy an American Holly d20, and didnt know if it even came in a box.

  2. Will

    I was also wondering if the d20 would come in a sort of coating to protect the wood. Thanks!

    • John D.

      Will, all the dice I’ve gotten from these guys have had a coating of polyurethane. Occasionally there have been spots where the wood was more porous and absorbed the poly more, leaving less on the surface, but you can just rub on some extra poly if that happens. So, yes, they’re coated.

      If you mean do they come wrapped in plastic or something? No, none of mine did. They come in a padded envelope and I think newer ones have some newspaper in there with ’em, but mine were just in the padded envelope.

      • Charlie Brumfield

        sorry about the uneven coating john. i was having a bit a trouble teaching the minions the proper spraying techniques, along with what finished dice should look like as some woods will retain a satin finish even with multiple coats of poly and others will take on a gloss finish after 1 or 2 coats so there was a bit of confusion that had to be cleared up. if you have any that need re coating, just send them back and we’ll gladly take care of it for you.

        • John D.

          Thanks for the offer, Charlie, but it’s fine. I only noticed the patches because those areas didn’t resist the paint I used to fill in the numbers on my two random-wood d20s. They’re small and the only reason they’re noticeable at all is because I added paint. It doesn’t bug me at all.

    • Charlie Brumfield

      yup as john said, we use a poly urethane or a shellac finish depending on the type of wood. (oily rosewoods don’t much care for poly at all)

  3. Will

    Thanks so much! But i meant box as in wooded case or decerative item but thanks for the info on the coatings

  4. Pirate

    I’m really hoping the sets don’t sell out before I can gather the money šŸ™ The boxes alone are so awesome and would be great to just bring around a few of your d20s with me when I need them.

    • Pirate

      Charlie, I am buying for myself. Is it possible to get it at a lower price for a slower delivery?

      • Charlie Brumfield

        if there are any left after feb 14th the remainder will be up at the normal price, but it doesn’t look like there will be any left.

        • Will

          Is it possible to order one d20 out of any wood? As in just a single d20. No other dice?

        • Pirate Jarnes

          I really hope you make more boxes like this.

    • Pirate

      Someone surprised me with a set, and I’m so glad they did. If you hadn’t rub out I’d have gotten one in a couple days, especially now that I’ve seen them. And the box is simply stunning!

      • sarzec

        Wow …people are receiving these dice?

        I ordered mine on 4 feb…no shipping confirmation yet….what’s going on?

  5. Martha

    I have the same question. I wanted to buy these for myself. I don’t care about express delivery. Could I get them for the original price?

    • Charlie Brumfield

      if there are any left after feb 14th the remainder will be up at the normal price, but it doesn’t look like there will be any left.

  6. Matt M

    My wife loved these and was completely blindsided when they were waiting on her desk when she got up this morning!

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