Wamara (Guyana Rosewood)

Wamara (Guyana Rosewood)


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Guyana RosewoodThis stuff eats tools! Wamara has a high silica content that is super abrasive. This combined with it high density make it hell on tools. Then you add in the natural oil content and it chews through sand paper to boot! However, the upside is that it takes on a glass like polish much like the true ebonies do. Wamara is closely related to Katalox and is found throughout Central American and Southern Mexico. Wamara is a very dark wood with reddish purple hues and dark markings.

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4dF, 4d6, 5d6, 6d6, 1d20, 10d10, Full Polyhedral Set

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  1. what is the normal price for these ? Oh and are dice made with letters or the traditional indents? hate the numbers.

    • wamara will be available after this kickstarter concludes on the 30th. you can get piped d6’s then. anything ordered through the kickstarter will be laser engraved.

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