Water Buffalo Horn d20’s


water buffalo horn d20s

OH MY DAMN does this stuff ever stink when it’s being worked. It smells something like burning hair meets rotting corpse with an aftertaste. Currently every single window in my house is open trying to air the stench out from my weekend project Luckily for the owners of these 16 awesome dice, they will never have to smell that odoriferous fragrance.

Water Buffalo have some giant black horns. Those horns make for some epically awesome dice. The dice pictured here do not have any finish applied to them. Instead they were buffed them using tripoli and a white rouge, then polished to a glossy luster with a soft cotton buffing wheel. This process, brings out the white marbling within the horn.

The golden numbers are not painted. They have been laser engraved as are all of our dice. Buffalo horn does not turn black in response to heat. Instead, it turns the golden hue seen here. This golden hue makes these jet black dice quite easy to read, unlike our dark wooden dice, which can be a pain to read in dim lighting.

Water Buffalo Curtosey of WikipediaThe Water Buffalo were domesticated in South East Asia some 5000 years ago. They are used for just about everything from hamburgers, to milk and cheese, to plowing rice patties. Basically, Water Buffaloes are the Asian equivalent of the domestic cow crossed with an ox. Both food source and beast of burden.

5 reviews for Water Buffalo Horn d20’s

  1. roy rowan.

    How do I get my hands on a set?

    • me

      You can’t. That’s what “sold out” means.

      You could try catching a water buffalo with your bare hands, and chocking it to death for its horns… then make your own dice! 😀

  2. william

    i was wondering if i could get one of these nice buffalo horn d20s

  3. Hollis

    Those are beautiful

  4. Jake

    I am very excited to put this beauty to work. Thank you.

  5. Edmund Wong

    Got mine today! Thanks alot!
    Though it scared me sh!tless when I saw 2 sharp bulges at the very end of the white bubble-pack, and guessed correctly there wasn’t any additional wrapping around the dice…
    Perhaps next time international shipping should include extra layer or wrap? Lucky they didn’t chip… O_O

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