Water Buffalo Horn Round #3


water buffalo horn round #3So its that time again. That wonderful time where I get to stand back and look at some of the most beautiful dice we make take a deep breath and nearly gag from that horrid smell permeating my shop.  I swear if water buffalo horn didn’t make some of the best dice on the planet I’d quite working with it all together. Gross. That smell is in my hands and it won’t wash out… Lucky for yall, these dice don’t smell once they are finished as they only smell while they are being worked.

waterbuffalohornpenandpencilWater Buffalo have some giant black horns. Those horns make for some epically awesome dice. The dice pictured here do not have any finish applied to them. Instead they were buffed them using tripoli and a white rouge, then polished to a glossy luster with a soft cotton buffing wheel. This process, brings out the white marbling within the horn.

The golden numbers are not painted. They have been laser engraved as are all of our dice. Buffalo horn does not turn black in response to heat. Instead, it turns the golden hue seen here. This golden hue makes these jet black dice quite easy to read, unlike our dark wooden dice, which can be a pain to read in dim lighting.

Water Buffalo Curtosey of WikipediaThe Water Buffalo were domesticated in South East Asia some 5000 years ago. They are used for just about everything from hamburgers, to milk and cheese, to plowing rice patties. Basically, Water Buffaloes are the Asian equivalent of the domestic cow crossed with an ox. Both food source and beast of burden.

In this round we’ve got a stunning full polyhedral set as well as 9 d20’s and a pen and pencil set with satin gold hardware.

4 reviews for Water Buffalo Horn Round #3

  1. Michael Conniff

    I sure wish I had a set of these dice 25 years ago. Although I would like a set for nostalgia sake. Beautiful set of dice.

  2. Matt M (Graveborn)

    The Scribe set looks great! What was the asking price for those of us that missed seeing it? (for future reference and planning)

    • Skunkie

      I believe the pen & pencil set was $137, and I missed the polyhedral set price as it sold out within 5 minutes after talking to Charlie on Twitter.

  3. Curtis Barnes

    So I take it the full set and pens are already sold

  4. Remy

    So butthurt I didnt get to see these. I can actually read those dice!!!

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