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This dark, tropical wood turns black when finished, almost as dark as Ebony. Wenge has a nice grain pattern that is very different from face grain to long grain. If you are looking for a dark set of dice, Wenge is a perfect fit.

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8 reviews for Wenge

  1. Ekedo

    Wenge wood <3 My wand is made of wenge wood. I may have to get a set of these sooner or later. This particular wood has always been closely linked to meditation and healing magic. A 6 sided die would definitely have some good properties. <3

    • Carolyn

      I find it funny that wenge is linked to healing magic, considering how toxically irritating the sawdust is to eyes, lungs, and skin. XD But nature does sometimes favor the ironic. 🙂

  2. keith renner

    u can do the polyhedral set just a d10 set

  3. Dylan

    What would the cost be to upgrade from a red oak box to a matching wenge wood box??

    • Charlie Brumfield

      that would run you $85.

  4. First Run Yo-Yos – Artisan Dice

    […] #8: Wenge – This yo-yo has just about the perfect weight and killer black on brown striping. It sleeps well and returns easily. Probably the best playing one out of the bunch. […]

  5. Shaun

    I plan on getting a full set of these bad boys as a reward for quitting smoking. Maybe knowing these are waiting at the 6 month mark will help me get there.

  6. Gabriel

    This plus a Wyrmwood tower & tray all lined in cream w/ cream pips would look nice.

  7. Avani G

    Would it be possible to get a different color inlay in each of the 4 dice?

  8. Amber C

    Would it be possible to get a 4 D6 set of these (with Aurora inlay) with numbers instead of pips?

  9. ryan sabo

    can i get a d20 with white or gold numbering?

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