White Marble Dice


marble d20sEveryone loves marble. Marble has been used for millennia as the stone of choice for not only sculpture but architecture as well. And for good reason, it’s gorgeous.  Our whit marble is quarried in Vermont. The stone polishes amazingly, and engraves quite readily.

Marble refers to any limestone that has undergone metamorphism, or a physical change due to high pressure, heat, or stress. Typically this happens deep below the Earth’s surface. These changes crystallize the limestone. Which is where marble gets its name. The word “marble” is derived from the Greek word “mármaron” meaning “crystalline rock”.  Though stone masons used the term marble a bit more broadly and encompass some unmetamorphised limestones as well.

marble d6sProbably the most extensive use of marble was by the Greeks and Romans, who used it for sculptures and buildings too numerous to count. Marble sculpture would reach its zenith during the Renaissance with artists like Michelangelo, Guido Mazzoni, and Donatello.

For now we are offering single d20’s d6’s and Ptolemaic d20’s (Pd20) We are not able to make full polyhedral sets as the d4’s break during the machining process.

Note: I do apologies for the slight blue tint in the above photo and the lack of definition in the dice.  I had to shoot them on my wife’s cell phone as Chewie (my 1.5 year old son) spiked my cell phone/camera on the concrete over the weekend. Chewie is fine, my camera not so much… I’m hoping to replace it soon.  The dice are quite easily read as you can see in the photo of the d6’s to the right.

8 reviews for White Marble Dice

  1. Andrew Maddock

    I understand that you can’t carve marble d4s on your machine, but what are the chances of fudge dice, a yahtzee set, 10d10, or individual d8s or d12s for whatever purpose people may have for them?

  2. Jason Headlee

    I can understand the issue with the d4’s, but are you familiar with “barrel dice”? Ever since I discovered these uncommon dice I have used the d4’s in favor of the pyramid shaped dice because they are far easier to pick up and use. You might want to research the shape and dimensions of these d4’s if you want to offer a full set of this material.

  3. Johnny

    Is there a larger size of d4 you could possibly manufacture with your current equipment?

  4. michelle

    Can you guys accept materials for custom dice orders? My father-in-law has a steadily growing collection of a variety of quartz and nothing really to do with it. Could we get dice made from some of his quartz?

  5. Leonardo Negron

    Do these come with a box?

    • Charlie Brumfield

      yes they do

      • Leonardo Negron

        Does the Manzanita Burl come with a box? Want to buy both.

        • Charlie Brumfield

          the manzinita burl does not come in a box, but we can add one to your order for $10.00.

  6. Leonardo Negron

    Logged in to buy one to find out they are Sold Out 🙁

  7. Patrick Boatman

    Suggestion… seeing that d4s don’t actually roll any way, you could do a d8 with 1-4 twice, and maybe clip the corners so it’s visually distinguishable (I have a couple of plastic dice like this) Or, you could do a d4 barrel die.

  8. David Holland

    When will you have the marble dice back?

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