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    • Macadamia Nut

      Macadamia Nuts are freaking delicious! And Macadamia Wood is freaking beautiful! This Hawaiian wood originated in... $63.00$273.00

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    • Mpingo (African Black Wood)

      The original Ebony is not what you might think it is. It’s not even an Ebony. Traditionally we view Gabon... $63.00$273.00

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    • Pink Ivory

      How pink is Pink Ivory? Very pink. Barbie Pink. Pink Ivory was a sacred wood to the Zulu chiefs of South Africa.... $63.00$872.00

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    • Rengas Tiger

      Freaking beautiful! Rengas Tiger is an Indonesian wood and is a deep red color with light brown to yellow stripes... $63.00$273.00

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    • Snakewood

      Hard does not begin to describe this wood. When I first tried to machine Marblewood and snapped off a 1/4 carbide... $63.00$273.00

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