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“Handcrafted dice for the discerning gamer.”

Founded at a gaming table nearly a decade ago, Artisan Dice was started in the traditional fashion of all excellent ideas, with the consumption of copious amounts of alcohol. It was in this inebriated post game state that 5 of the best friends anyone could ask for convince me that this was indeed an idea worth pursuing.

We’re now closing in on our 10th anniversary, in the past 10 years we’ve spent countless thousands of hours pushing dicecraft to ever higher levels.  We’re now known the world over for making the best dice on the planet, bar none. While our dice are expensive, they are also of the highest quality and the highest craftsmanship. They are in short held to a higher standard. 


-Charlie Brumfield

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We combine old-world craftsmanship with modern technology to produce the finest dice in the world. Cut from the highest-quality materials and made in a state of the art facility, each die we make is inspected by hand before they are shipped to your door, ensuring we maintain a less than 1% return rate for warranty work. 

Artisan Dice is a small family-operated independent company driven by a desire to make the best dice and gaming accessories on the planet. Everything we make is created by gamers, for gamers and is intended to be a rockstar addition to your gaming table. Our dice and gaming accessories are handcrafted in our workshop located in Dallas, Texas from finest materials in the world. Each item we make comes backed by our lifetime warranty.

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