Beautifully Iridescent Opal Dice

Unearthly plays of color, sparklingly iridescent, vibrant rainbow hues and real metal inlays.

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Insanely Beautiful Opal Dice

Checkout out our in-stock selection of opal dice featuring a stunning array of stunning colors with wild iridescent plays of color from across the rainbow. You’re sure to find the perfect set of dice to add to your gaming table.

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Top Tier Gaming

Crafted in Dallas, Texas from the highest quality materials. All of our dice and gaming accessories are made for gamers by gamers and come with a lifetime warranty.

The Reliquary

Those coveted gaming accessories need protection of their own. The proverbial dice bag just won’t do when it comes to protecting your investment in high end gaming art. That’s where The Reliquary from Artisan Dice comes in. Designed to protect your investment from the elements, The Reliquary secures your favorite gaming components in unmatched style and luxury.

Our Dice Lines

Druid's Dice

Dragon's Dice

Necromancer's Dice

Essence's Dice

Alchemist's Dice

Elemental's Dice


Boldly strut your stuff with the most garishly feather dice to ever grace the gaming table. 

Dice Perfect for Any Gaming Table

With over 200 different material options and countless customizations, we’re sure to have the perfect dice for your gaming table.


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