The Reliquary

noun: reliquary; plural noun: reliquaries
Origin: mid 16th century; French reliquaire, from Old French relique
Defined asa container for holy or sacred relics.

Your First Line of Defense

Whether it’s a favorite set of dice, a coveted mini, or a custom built deck of cards, a players gaming accoutrements are a sacred thing. They carry a player through heroic deeds and overwhelming danger. With this in mind, we have always pushed to make gaming accessories worthy of the grand heroes that they guide through adventure after adventure.

However, those coveted gaming accessories need protection of their own. The proverbial dice bag just wont do when it comes to protecting your investment in high end gaming art.

A Work of Art

Allow us to introduce The Reliquary. In it’s traditional role, a reliquary is a protective container for a sacred artifact. What could be more sacred to a gamer than that special set of dice, or hand painted mini?

The Reliquary is a custom gaming case crafted with the highest attention to detail and with the particular goal of providing an epic level of protection for your gaming accessories.

The Reliquary is not just a protective gaming case, like everything we make, The Reliquary is a work of art in its own right.

Excellence in Craft

Avialable in an array of exotic hardwoods, The Reliquary is crafted to the same exacting standards as our exotic dice. And just like our dice you can commission a bespoke Reliquary crafted to your specifications. Whether its custom engraving, inlay and marquetry work, or a customized box interior, if you can dream it up, our expert Crafts Minions can fulfill your heart’s desire.

Totally Modular

One case to rule them all!!! Wednesday, is your local RPG night this week it’s Fate RPG and World of Darkness next week, Friday is your Friday night Magic league, and Saturday you gaming group runs that D&D game you’ve been playing in for years. Not to worry, The Reliquary has you covered, with a myriad of interchangeable inserts, you can customize your gaming case needs on the fly.

No longer are you locked in to one style of case. With the Reliquary your gaming case fits your personal gaming needs what ever they may be.  Enjoy the freedom to game however you please. 

Ultimate Portability

Tired of lugging around a huge bag full of gaming paraphernalia? These days you’ve got your rolling tray, your dice bag, rule books, character sheets… But what about the gamer on the go?

At Just under 5 inches in diameter The Reliquary was designed to fit comfortably in most pockets. (Sorry ladies, not your pockets, literally nothing fits in those.) Owing to its small form factor and elegant round design, The Reliquary is incredibly portable and comfortable to carry.

Thanks to its feature packed design, it eliminates the need to lug around a bunch of extra items to game night.

Sealed for Your Protection

At nearly 30lbs of closing force the Neodymium Magnetic closure pairs with the machined locator ring to ensure your gaming goods never leave The Reliquary accidentally. While the interchangeable inserts keep your sacred items safe from impact and vibration damage. 

Built in Rolling Tray

If you’re tight on table space, or your stone dice didn’t come with a life time warranty like our Elemental Dice do, then you’ll need a rolling tray.  The Reliquary has that covered too. Inside every Reliquary lid you’ll find a travel sized padded dice rolling tray perfect for the intimate gaming table or tucking away for hidden rolls behind your GM screen. 

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