Expertly Crafted

Crafted in Dallas, TX using the finest materials.

60+ Years of Combined Craftsmanship

With decades of combined experience in Artistry and Manufacturing the AD Minions have he knowledge and skill sets to tackle any custom dice or gaming project. 


Traditional hand skills are incredibly important and are on the wane in todays modern mass produced and disposable world. At Artisan Dice, we embrace those skill wholeheartedly and continually work to perfect that craft in all aspects of what we do. Nothing we make is disposable nor is it mass produced. Each face of every die is still hand polished by of our craftsminions.  

Modern Machining

Today there is a renaissance of cottage manufacturing as society turns away from the disposable world of made in China mass manufactured goods. Today’s discerning buyers are looking for craft and quality, for items that last a  lifetime, not used for a season then tossed away to rot in a landfill. 


500 Via Avenida Mesquite, Tx 75150

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