Maitenance Time!!!

We know, you want those sweet sweet dice we’re famous for. We promise they’ll be back soon. We’re currently migrating our our shny new website to bring them to you better, faster, and more awesomer.  We expect to be finished with the install by then end of the day today. 


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Mangoes are a delicious sweet stone fruit that comes in hundreds of varieties and are native to Eastern Asia, but have been transplanted all over the world! It's a member of the Anacardiaceae family making it a distant cousin of the cashew and pistachio. In the 1600's the Porteguese spread this delicious fruit around the world. It was worldwide soon after their exploration. The Mango wood is as beautiful as the the Mango is delicious. With an awesome wavy grain pattern and a nice warm tone, Curly Mango wood is one of the most beautiful exotic woods around. A set of dice made from Curly Mango will definitely turn heads at the gaming table.  
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