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Bois de Rose is the rarest wood we work with since it is no longer legal to import into the United States. This wood is endemic to Madagascar and is one of the premier Rosewoods. It has a stunning black cherry coloration and an amazing tonal quality. What does that mean? Well it means that it makes great musical instruments, so much so that companies like Gibson use it in their finest guitars. In the world of dice that tonal quality translates to a very distinct sound when rolled. The dice almost seem to ring when rolled on a glass, stone, or similar surface.

Bois de Rose has a very distinct coloration, that ranges from bright magenta to a gorgeous deep cherry color.  The wood polishes to an unbelievable glass like shine, and has a distinctive spicy floral scent when worked.  This scent lead to its use in perfumes and fragrances before it was deemed endangered. Since this wood is an endangered species we do NOT use any stock that was cut after the preban date of the 1976 CITES treaty. As such Bois de Rose is only available in very limited quantities. Understandably we make very few dice sets from this species, even though it is one of our absolute favorite woods. It’s an absolute treat to work. It smells wonderful, machines well, and polishes like glass. Every face of these dice has been sanded to a 3 micron finish and the buffed to a glass like shine.

This year we have several polyhedral dice and a handful of d20s available for DICEMAS!!! This year’s series of Bois de Rose dice features some of the finest dice we have ever made. They showcase our refined inlay processes with each set featuring a different inlay materials ranging from Brimstone and Turquoise to Electrum and Sterling Silver. This year’s edition of Bois de Rose polyhedral sets come in a African Bubinga box lined in a rich chocolate suede leather that has been inlaid to match it’s corresponding dice set. You can see each set in our 2018 series below:



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Bois De Rose Single D20 – SilverInlay, Bois De Rose Poly Set – Bronze Inlay, Bois De Rose Poly Set – Copper Inlay, Bois De Rose Poly Set – Electrum Inlay, Bois De Rose Poly Set – Nickel Silver Inlay, Bois De Rose Poly Set – Turquoise Inlay, Bois De Rose Poly Set – Brimstone Inlay, Bois De Rose Poly Set – Brass Inlay, Bois De Rose Kanji Poly Set – Turquoise Inlay, Bois De Rose Kanji Poly Set – Copper Inlay

16 reviews for Bois de Rose

  1. Adam Austin

    Being that the wood used to make these dice are so rare, what are the chances of having a custom polyhedron set made?

  2. Kilrathi

    Adam – there were a few (3, I think) sets of polyhedral Bois de Rose dice available during the Kickstarter that ended a couple weeks ago, and there have been a few others made prior to that. So it’s possible, just looks to be a matter of wood availability. I’m thinking I’d like a set (or maybe 5d6) so I’ll be keeping my eyes out, too!

  3. Michael

    I’m actually curious about the price range of getting two sets of the ten polyhedral dice.
    I would like to talk about this by email if such an order is possible.

  4. Vin

    Do you make dice from bois d’arc wood?

    • davidmcleod

      We sure do, just haven’t added it to the website yet.

      -David M.

  5. Chris Smith

    I was just browsing your fine selection of woods to choose from and i must say this wood has to be the most Beautiful out of them all. Tis a shame the wood is so rare

  6. Yllidor

    What’s the export hurdle? I’m in Canada and interested in a set. I understand I may not be able to get a set. The wood is rare. But what’s the deal with customs?

    • Charlie Brumfield

      yllidor, it has to do with the CITES treaty. unfinished bois de rose goods are not allowed for import or export. technically we can ship our dice internationally since they are finished goods.

  7. Yllidor

    Thanks for the answer. I can understand a ban on unfinished wood (where it is rare and needs protecting anyway).

  8. Gina johnson

    So, after noticing the sold out sign, when can we order

  9. Jacob

    hi i’m wondering when this will be available to order, if you could please e-mail me at when they are that would be amazing, thank you!

  10. ERic

    I love the dice bow that these come in, is it possible to order a similar box with any set?

  11. Perverted Disney

    Is this wood no longer an option at all? Or is it possible it may come back in stock?

  12. Michael (verified owner)

    I received a D20 today, and it is absolutely gorgeous. The box is small and comfortable to hold, is very nicely made, and is very smooth. It feels to be much more finely crafted than the Aromatic Cedar box that I also own, and I appreciate that.
    The dice I received is of a much darker coloration, with an almost deep magenta color in some places. I seriously wish I had snagged more than one of these! Hopefully there will be a third run in the future!

  13. andrea n

    same thing as some of the other comments. Would love to get one or even better a full set if they become available again!

    the pictures are stunning…was gutted when I saw they weren’t available!

  14. Tony alves

    Hands down my favorite dice that I’ve purchased from you guys! The colors are amazing!

  15. Jon Schroeder (verified owner)

    Just got my D20. Beautiful color. The silver pops against the dark shades of the wood. Great job Artisan!

  16. acedragon166

    there is a deep and abiding sadness in my soul that these trees were nearly wiped out and we now are unable to get more due to this. I would love to get a set of these.

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