Boise de Rose

French for ‘wood of rose‘, this stunningly gorgeous and incredibly rare wood is something we only have the luxury to work very seldomly as its been illegal to import since 1968.  

Endemic to Madagascar

This premier Rosewood is endemic to Madagascar. Sought after the world over for it’s stunning black cherry coloration and amazing tonal quality. It makes fantastic musical instruments. So much so that companies like Gibson use it in their finest guitars. It was also used extensively in the dye manufacturing as well as the perfume industry owing to its deep red coloration and its wonderful scent which smells of roses and cinnamon when worked. This is truly our favorite wood to work.

Due to mismanagement and corruption within the Malagasy government, this incredible wood was placed on the CITES ban list in 1968 where it remains until this day. This means that raw wood can no longer be imported to CITES signatory countries.  We have a very limited stock of preban Bois de Rose, when that material is gone we will most likely never obtain any more. The good news is that due to updates in the CITES restrictions we are now allowed to ship finished good internationally, mean that for the first time ever our most sought after exotic wooden dice are available to our international customers

Handcrafted Excellence

The process of crafting our dice takes an extensive amount of time and skill on any level.  When we create one of our specialty sets like these, however, the amount of hand work required increases significantly.

After their initial machining, each die gets treated with special care, being shaped and inlaid by hand.  It takes a steady hand and keen eye to fill intricately engraved numbers with turquoise. 

Reliquary Gaming Case

These epic level dice are encased in one of our finest Reliquaries carved from genuine Bolivian Rosewood. Each reliquary features marquetry inlaid roses done in Bois de Rose to match the dice contained within, and the leaves worked in white maple. The box itself has been finished out in a buck skin sued leather. And like all our Reliquaries, this one features a built in padded rolling tray in the lid.

Finely Crafted Dice

Almost ten years ago we chose our 3/4 inch scale to match standard casino dice.  Our d6’s and d20s measure 3/4 of an inch face to face the same as those casino dice. Each of these dice of has been crafted from  Bois de Rose inlaid with genuine turquoise and French polished to a glass sooth finish. 

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