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Brass Dragon Polyhedral SetBrass is an alloy of copper and zinc and has a distinctive bright yellow / gold coloration. It’s used in  a wide variety of applications especially where low friction is required such as locks, gears, bearings, doorknobs, ammunition casings,  and plumbing valves. It also widely used in musical instruments so much so that orchestra and marching bands have and entire “brass section” made up of many different types of instruments including trombones, french horns, trumpets, and tubas.


Brass Dragon's Breath Polyhedral SetA Brass d20 weighs in at approximately 510 grains.

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5 reviews for Brass Dragon’s Dice

  1. Hi, I was wondering when you expect the metal dice to be back in stock. From what I see, none of them are currently available unless I am missing something.

  2. Any updates on availability? Thank you!

    • Doubt it will be for a while since they still haven’t gotten the ones out from people that gave them hundreds of dollars months and months ago and even a few people still waiting from last year.

  3. Is there an option to receive alerts or emails about these? I would personally love to have all of the metal die you offer.

  4. Its now March 2015, will these available soon? I’m in love with these Brass dice, and can’t wait to order them!

  5. I would like to own a dragon set..

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