Bronze Dragon’s Dice

Derived from the Italian Bronzo, meaning bell metal, bronze is such an important metal to human history it has an entire Age named for it.

Ancient History

The discovery of bronze enabled people to create metal tools that were harder and more durable than previously possible during the Chalcolithic period. This technological leap forward allowed the Hittites to stand toe to toe with the Egyptian Empire  during the Bronze Age as the Hittites controlled the only sizeable deposit of tin (a surprisingly rare and not evenly distributed material) in the region.

Bronze Age Europe

Tin is a surprisingly rare resource. Its necessity in making bronze alloys means that is catapulted trade in Bronze Age Europe. Ingots mined in ancient Brittan have been found as far away as Israel. This rare commodity would change the course of history in ancient Europe, leading mass migrations spreading the Celtic language, and extensive trade routes throughout the region.

Science and Lasers Oh My!

Unlike other metal dice on the market, our Dragon’s Dice receive their numbers at the very end of the crafting process. This makes for incredibly crisp and hyper-contrasted numbers. They are engraved with a laser ablation process. Which is a fancy way of saying we blast the surface with 1.21 gigawatts of laser beam awesome sauce that vaporizes the base metal in to its constituent components leaving behind an ultra polished number recessed a few thousandths of an inch deep. This process leaves the perfect balance of the underlying platonic solid completely intact, unlike machining away a deeply recessed number.

Bronze Smelting

During ancient times bronze was made by cosmelting copper, tin, and lead ores together.

First they ground the ores to a gravel like consistency then mixed the ground aggregate together. The resulting mix was then placed in a crucible and smelted in a charcoal fire. You can read more about this process in this experimental archology paper located here.

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