Cthulhu Reliquary Dice Set

It slumbers beneath the seas waiting to emerge and devour the world.

The End is Nigh

The Great Dreamer has awakened to take its rightful spot alongside its kin and rule the universe. The Xothians have succeeded, The End Times are upon us, and the Cthulhu walks the earth,  avert your gaze so you don’t go mad, and just survive the best you can in The Apocalypse.

Handcrafted Excellence

Craftsmanship, skill, artistry. They all come together to create our specialty sets like the one shown here. From the latest machine tools and spaced aged lasers, to traditional hand tools and exotic materials, our craftsmen have the finest tools and materials at their disposal allowing them to flex their creativity in an unparalled manner. 

The Finest Materials

Crafted to capture the essence of Chaos Incarnate. These dice were brought forth from the depth of the Amazon where the gigantic Purple Heart trees grow. These vivid purple dice are encased in one of our finest Reliquaries carved to match and featuring a marquetry worked image depicting Cuthulu in all its sanity sundering glory with glowing blue violet eyes contrasting the dark walnut marquetry.  

The Sleeper of R’lyeh

Cthulhu is a supremely powerful cosmic creature that slumbers in the ancient sunken city of R’lyeh at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Standing miles tall with a tentacled face, monstrous claws, and gnarled wings, the nigh omniscient Old One knows all of the occurings of the universe as they happen and communicates with its followers by molding their dreams and driving them to serve using non-euclidean puzzles that warp the mind and warp reality; even as it sleeps.

The Mythos Created

“The Call of Cthulhu”, was the first short story published in 1928 written by now renowned horror writer, H.P. Lovecraft. He himself credited a vivid dream with the creation of this creature, and entire mythos. Since his death, multiple authors have contributed to the universe through multiple mediums, be they short stories, novels, movies, board games, even video games. This has, in a sense, created an “open source” universe of sorts where most any writer can expand upon it without much trouble.

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