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The use of dice in determining randomized outcomes has been a part of human civilization for millenia.  You may be familiar with our Ptolemaic d20s patterned after the relic of ancient gaming from the 2nd or 3rd Century BC.  However, another topic of interest with an extensive history has been the act and depiction of sex.  Experts believe sexual aids have been around for several thousand years, with the first ever trace of sexual artifacts over 30,000 years ago!  The history of sex toys is….fascinating and bizarre.  From the first dildos made of stone and animal dung to the assorted “marital aids” that more resemble medieval torture devices or kitchen appliances, there has always been someone out there ready to be adventurous….and I don’t just mean the bard in your tabletop party who is way too eager to seduce the dragon.


Despite a long history of dice and sex, the invention of the sex dice seems to come from more recent days.  There are many such sets of dice that add an element of chance and spontaneity to your bedroom fun and this Valentine’s Day the minions were rather insistent upon crafting our own.  Our dSexy twelve sided dice come in assorted pairs of crafted in our Big Ass Scale. (for obvious wordplay as well as extra readability), one with body parts and one covered in actions, and of course our usual Artisan flare! These dice are massive. Coming in at 8 times the volume and weight of our standard sized ¾” d20s and measuring a full 1 ½ ” face to face (roughly the perfect size to fit in a minion’s palm). Pick up a pair exotic hard wood dice and spice up your next adventure where ever it may be.


Borrowed from xkcd. Read more of their amazing webcomic at https://xkcd.com/708/


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