Elvish Reliquary Dice Set

Sidhe, faerie, álfar, quendë, elf. Under many names these mythological beings have existed since time immortal in the Germanic, Celtic, and Norse mythos. 

Elvish History

From majestic agile woodland fae to small workers in Santa’s workshop; Elves have been a fixture in modern fantasy for a century. Prior to the modern era evles appear  Norse, Celtic, German, and other middle age mythologies. Their first modern fantasy use is credited to Lord Dunsany in his 1924 book “The King of Elfland’s Daughter,” The second, is one you may have heard of, its a little known book called “The Hobbit,” by chap named Tolkien.

Handcrafted Excellence

The process of crafting our dice takes an extensive amount of time and skill on any level.  When we create one of our specialty sets like these the amount of hand work required increases significantly.

After the initial machining, each die gets treated with special care, being shaped and inlaid by hand.  It takes a steady hand and keen eye to fill intricate Tengwar script engraved on these dice. 

The Finest Materials

These sets are crafted from the finest materials, and wrought to capture the essence of the Fae. Starting with the dice hewn from Argentinean Lignum Vitae, whose name translates to Tree of Life. These dice feature Tengwar script inlaid with the bright gold colors of brass to complement the vibrant greens of Lignum Vitae. These epic level dice are encased in one of our finest Reliquaries carved from genuine African Mahogany and featuring a marquetry worked Elven noble in Maple and Black Walnut. Engraved around the lid you will find a famous elvish spell inlaid in brass to keep your Reliquary sealed from all but those who you’d call friend. 


These dice are engraved using a Tengwar script developed by Finnish Proffesor, Johan Winge. For those of you that don’t know elvish as a first language we have included a key in the box so that you can show your DM that you really DID roll that 20.

Tengwar Numerals

The Tengwar alphabet was developed by J. R. R. Tolkien. The Tengwar script is used for many languages in Tolkien’s Middle Earth, including Quenya and Sindarin. These languages (originally) used base 12 numbering system, the Tengwar script has numerals for digits zero through eleven. Which means you will not see a double digit numeral until twelve. These numerals are written from right to left or the opposite of Arabic numerals.

For more information on Tengwar visit LanguagesAndNumbers.com

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