Japanese Koi Fish Dice Set

Japanese themed set using paulownia with Kanji lettering.

Koi and Japan

Koi hold high reverence in Japanese culture, symbolizing many good qualities and omens. Strength, patience, and courage are three of the many qualities the Japanese associate with the Koi fish. This graceful fish can often be seen in small pools around temples, palaces, and other places to attract good luck and ensure those that visit have success. One particular legend is credited with the fame of the Koi in Japan. It is said that one Koi took 100 years to climb a waterfall in the yellow river and when he finally did, he was turned into a golden dragon by the gods as a reward.

The Finest Materials

Paulownia is a Japanese hardwood the fastest growing, and among the lightest of the hardwoods on the planet. Often compared to Balsa because they are closest in density and application, though Paulownia has a higher strength to weight ratio and is over 50% denser. Other than boat building, these properties are perfect for their primary use, surfboards. You will enjoy rolling these dice that are so light, they almost feel ethereal, as if the gentle spirit of the koi is guiding them.

Handcrafted Excellence

These handcrafted Paulownia Dice come In a handcrafted Shedua Reliquary that has been hand sanded and polished to bring out its beauty. The Reliquary bares hand laid marquetry featuring two Japanese koi; This marquetry is done in Movingui with Bubinga accents; This set lets you bring a bit of Japan with you to every table.


Kanji, is Japanese numbers written in Chinese characters. It was brought to Japan during the 5th century AD when Chinese emissaries arrived in Japan; “Kanji” literally means “Han Characters.” Now-famous Japanese mathematician Seki Takakazu used a combination of Kanji and an even older form of Chinese numbers called Counting Rods to make several advances in Eastern Algebra. This ancient numbering system is still in use in Japan and China today.

Kanji Numbers are read as follows:

Number 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Japanese ichi ni san shi go roku shichi hachi ku

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