Rogue Reliquary Dice set

In a closed society where everybody’s guilty, the only crime is getting caught. In a world of thieves, the only final sin is stupidity.

Hunter S. Thompson

What is a Rogue?

Rogues are larcenous, agility-based, thieves; light-fingered, it is common to find them picking locks to gain access to restricted areas, pickpocketing the townsfolk, or even setting traps to ambush opponents. Any adventuring party would be incomplete without the sneaky, dual-wielding brigand that keeps an unsuspecting enemy on their toes; and their ear to the ground for any leads on lightly guarded valuables.

Language of the Larcenous

Canonically, Thieves’ cant is a code known by almost every rogue, instead of a written alphabet it uses a series of symbols left by rogues to secretly direct others and give information on the area they are found in. Thieves cant is real and was used during the high medieval times in Europe. A modern day analogue is “Hoboscript,” which is used the exact same way as it’s Midievel counterpart, hobos and bo-ette’s(female hobos) look for this script left by others to determine safety, sustainability ect.

Handcrafted Excellence

Creativity, skill, and artistry all meet in the middle to craft this set of Rogue Dice; from researching and designing the Hobo script on the dice to the dagger marquety that has been precisely lain and stained separately to give depth to the designs. Every step of the process was carefully performed to give you the perfect set.

The Finest Materials

The light buckskin insert does a fabulous job of simultaneously making the dark Katalox dice stand out while breaking up the dark lines that run through the Black Limba Reliquary. The poly set is engraved with a stylized font reminiscent of marks that have been left by some makeshift writing tool. The “1” Has been replaced with a Hoboscript message that means “No use going this way,” and every high number holds a code symbol that means “safety,” so, you’ll know you’re safe when you see it.

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