Steel Dragon’s Dice

Versatile and dependable, stainless steel offers high strength, crossion resistance, and a high polished finish. Upgrade your dice bag with our Stainless Dragon’s Dice.

Iron Age Alloy

When ancient man first smelted Copper, he would spark an entire technological age. Melinnia later, an accidental combination with tin would give rise to the Bronze Age, igniting the imaginations of the Alchemists’ of old with the myriad of potential provided by different metal alloys. Ultimately ushering in a new era – The Iron Age, and the magic of Steel.

Steel, a combination of iron and carbon, was first produced in India and the Middle East around 2,000 years ago. This early form of steel, known as Wootz steel, was prized for its exceptional strength and was used to create weapons and tools. The secrets of steel would spread to other regions, including the Europe and China, where advancements in steel production during this time period laid the foundation for the industrial revolution which would culminate in the Bessemer process of smelting steel. 

Handcrafted Excellence

We pride ourselves on creating the finest dice in the world. And while working with stainless steel may be a challenge, it’s gummy, abrasive, and destorys cutting tools making it notoriously difficult to work with, the results are well worth it. Machined and hand ground to a bright finish, these dice are sleek and sophisticated. The durability and resistance to corrosion make them a reliable choice for any game. With a perfect weight and shine, stainless steel dice are a beautiful addition to any collection. The handcrafted nature of these dice ensure their uniqueness and elevate the gaming experience.

Science and Lasers Oh My!

Unlike other metal dice on the market, our Dragon’s Dice receive their numbers at the very end of the crafting process. This makes for incredibly crisp and hyper-contrasted numbers. They are engraved with a laser ablation process. Which is a fancy way of saying we blast the surface with 1.21 gigawatts of laser beam awesome sauce that vaporizes the titanium in to its constituent components leaving behind an ultra polished number recessed a few thousandths of an inch deep. This process leaves the perfect balance of the underlying platonic solid completely intact, unlike machining away a deeply recessed number. 

Vacuum Arc Remelting

What makes Stainless Steel so expensive compared to high carbon steels? The addition of Chrome and Nickel in high concentrations definitly add to the expense as doesn the process in which Stainless Steel is formed. 

The Vacuum Arc Process

  1. A consumable electrode is heated in a vacuum chamber to form a pool of melted metal.
  2. The melted metal solidifies into an ingot on a water-cooled copper hearth.
  3. The ingot is removed from the hearth and further processed.
  4. The vacuum environment eliminates impurities, resulting in a purer and more uniform metal.
  5. Used to produce high-performance alloys for aerospace, military, and medical applications, as well as high-precision components for the automotive and electronics industries.
  6. The improved mechanical properties of VAR-processed metals make them ideal for demanding applications requiring high quality and reliability.

As we can see here this process is complex and difficult to perform, in addition to consuming a copious amount of energy. 

Stainless Steel Defnied

We use a free machining version of 304 stainless steel prized for its excellent corrosion resistance, high toughness, and good weldability. This austenitic (having a face to face cubic crystal structure) stainless steel includes iron, chromium, nickel, sulfur, and other trace elements.

This high nickel content, it provides excellent resistance to corrosion making our dice impervious to any beer spilt at the gaming table. The extreme toughness of 304 stainless steel means your dice will last a life time. 304 stainless steel polishes well making for easily read numbers thanks to the high contrast engraving and polished surface.

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