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Steel Dragon Polyhedral SetFirst, man discovered Copper, then he alloyed it with tin to form Bronze. Then the Alchemists of that Age learned to forge Iron giving rise to an entirely new Age. The Iron Age. Iron would eventually give way to the rise of steel in modern times. Steel is created by alloying Iron with various element (most notably carbon) to enhance or impart properties to the metal, hardness, strength, and corrosion resistance in the case of Stainless Steel. One of the earliest examples of this to survive to this day entirely intact is the Iron Pillar of Delhi, though it is not a true stainless steel, as its corrosion resistance comes from a high phosphorous content, not through the addition of chromium as in modern Stainless Steels.

Stainless Steel is used for a myriad of things from surgical implements, to aerospace components, and even in harsh saltwater environments that would destroy normal steels in a matter of weeks. The particular alloy we use is 303 Stainless, which has been developed specifically for its machining properties. Its primarily used in the fabrication of fittings and fasteners, where its excellent machining qualities allow it to form superb threads and hold tight tolerances.


A Stainless Steel d20 weighs in at approximately 558 grains.

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11 reviews for Steel Dragon’s Dice

  1. What kind of box are the metal delivered in?

    • 8″ wooden dice box with magnetic lid

  2. What does the 10 Dice Polyhedral Set include? I’m assuming:
    1 D20
    1 D12
    2 D10
    1 D8
    4 D6
    1 D4

    • that is correct shawn

  3. What does the Dragon’s Breath finish look like, as opposed to the regular finish?

  4. is there a way to order other dice i see the d20 and d6 options but i would like some d8s as well?

  5. Will you be putting more of these up soon? Or any of the Dragons Dice? They’re all out and I want to order for Christmas!

    • By christmas. LOL I hope the ones they sold mid 2013 get sent out by christmas 2015 at this point.

  6. I would really like to order one of these sets.

  7. I would like to order a set of “Steel Dragon’s Dice.” I think I read that they are precision machined for true random performance, is this correct? Also, do you keep any stock on hand of any of the dice you sell? Please let me know. Thank you for your art!

  8. As of this post it’s March now, when will the Dragon’s Die be available?

  9. I was checking back as well, as I was interested in the set myself. If I manage to do Gen Con next year, I will go in style with these if they come available. 🙂

  10. Hi there – I was checking in as well to see when these would be for sale. thanks.

  11. I just ran across this site and I am very excited about placing more than one order. I hope things move smoothly so I can place an order soon.

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