noun: xylarium
Origin: 17th century; Greek xylon for “wood” and Latin arium meaning “separate place”
Defined as: a herbarium specializing in specimens of wood.

The Finest of Specimen Collections

Aloso known as a xylotheque, a xylarium is a special collection of authenticated wood specimens. Traditionally, xylotheque specimens were in the form of book-shaped volumes, each made of a particular kind of wood and holding samples of the different parts of the corresponding plant. Many countries have at least one xylotheque with native flora, and some also house flora from other parts of the world. They are valuable to specialists in forestry, botany, conservation, forensics, art restoration, paleontology, archeology, and other fields.

Our Xylarium contains a concise collection of the 150 species of wood utilized in the crafting of Artisan Dice. These species come from all around the world and range for the commonly used to wildly exotic.

Woodworkers at Heart

The AD Minions are well known materials nerds, and as such are always on the lookout for new substances to craft into world class dice.  and even though the Minions are always experimenting with new things and growing our inventory awesome dice, exotic woods have always been the heart of what we do and the genesis of our exotic materials obsession.

We proudly boast an inventory of 150 species of Mother Natures finest woods in our Druid’s Dice line. Each of the wood species has its own unique color, grain, texture, and density.  Some of these woods are used to make beautiful furniture while others are perfect for small delicate pieces. A myriad of woods for myriad of uses.

In The Xylarium, we have brought together the finest of these woods to one massive collection of dice showcasing Mother Nature’s finest work from around the world.  

Museum Quality

Everything we make in the Artisan Dice shop exemplifies the utmost levels of craftsmanship. The Xylarium is no different. 

The same hand crafted excellence our expert craftsminions are known for is exemplified in The Xylarium. The shaping and finishing of each of the 150 six sided dice in these collector’s sets have been treated with finest of care and each piece is crisply laser engraved with the name of the wood species that it has been crafted from.

Whether you be an avid gamer, expert woodworker, or absolute materials nerd, this set is one you would be proud to include in your archive.

Form and Function

We do not simply make display pieces here. Each of our dice, are held to the exacting quality Artisan Dice is known for and are backed by a lifetime warranty as we fully expect every dice we make to regular use at at gaming tables across the world.

With that same idea in mind, our Xylarium is not simply a sampling of our Druid’s Dice Collection, but also filled with one hundred fifty  completely functional six sided dice..

Display Ready

This collection of D6’s comes with its own special Baltic Birch box perfect for keeping everything secure in its own individual compartment. This makes for a perfect display case or even reference table of wood species, keeping the spirit of the original Xylariums.

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