Timascus Dice (Titanium Damascus)

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Timascus D20s Vibrant 2020Timascus is an insanely expensive material crafted by forge welding two dissimilar Titanium alloys together in similar manner a traditional blacksmith might use to create Damascus Steel. In this case the Titanium Alloys used are Grade 2 or Commercially Pure Titanium and 6Al4V or Aircraft Grade Titanium.

Creating a Timascus Billet, especially one over an inch thick, is a labor intensive and time consuming process which only the most skilled craftsmen can accomplish. By repeatedly hammering, twisting, and folding the dissimilar Titanium billets together, the craftsman can create a number of different patterns in the final forge welded Titanium billet. All the while he must keep the Titanium billets he is forging above 1400°F. Currently there are only three people capable of making Timascus; Tom Ferry, Bill Cottrell and Chuck Bybee who developed the process of forging Timascus in a joint project to develop a corrosion resistant version of Damascus steel for use in knife making. Each one of our Timascus billets are hand forged for us by these Master Craftsmen.

We then take these unique billets of Timascus and craft the individual dice you see here. No two are alike and as such each die you see is the die you will receive when ordered. Once the dice are machined, hand ground to final size and polished, we then apply our Dragon’s Breath Finish to them creating the striking patterns you see here. Each stripe is created by the dissimilar grades of Titanium oxidizing at differing rates due to their differing chemical compositions. This gives each and every die a unique one off pattern. Using these grades of titanium means we are able to expand our color pallet from the typical vibrant blues purples, and bronzes of our normal Titanium dice and expand in to greens, lavenders, and pinks you’ll see in some of the d20s available here.


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Alpha Timascus D20, Beta Timascus D20, Gamma Timascus D20, Delta Timascus D20, Epsilon Timascus D20, Zeta Timascus D20, Eta Timascus D20, Theta Timascus D20, Iota Timascus D20, Kappa Timascus D20, Lambda Timascus D20, Mu Timascus D20, Nu Timascus D20, Xi Timascus D20, Omikron Timascus D20, Pi Timascus D20, Rho Timascus D20, Sigma Timascus D20, Tau Timascus D20

1 review for Timascus Dice (Titanium Damascus)

  1. Jon Schroeder (verified owner)

    This is the single most beautiful die I have ever purchased. Hands down, bar none. The picture was nice but the reality is so far past anything you could picture. The colors as you rotate the die are extremely vivid and crisp. The weight is also fantastic. I did not hesitate to buy one but had a bit of buyers remorse for a 523 single D20. After getting I am so happy for this choice. Well worth it. incredible craftsman ship. Thank you Artisan!

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