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Titanium Dragon's Breath Polyhedral Set Titanium is rather abundant in the Earth’s crust, though it is rather hard to purify from its naturally occurring state of titanium dioxide, which happens to be a very common white pigment used in paints and dyes. To purify titanium into its metallic state it takes massive amounts of electricity. Titanium is nearly as lightweight as aluminum but is more than 200% stronger. Its also insanely hard to cut and very stable at high temps. So much so that an alloy of Titanium called 6Al4V was used in the construction of the vaunted SR-71 Blackbird (the world’s fastest airplane) to withstand the extreme temps created by the friction of the airflow and high super sonic speeds.

Titanium Dragon's Breath d20sThe Grade 2 (Commercially Pure) Titanium we use to make our dice forms wicked colors when heat anodized using our Dragon’s breath finishing process.

Titanium d20’s weight in at approximately 281 grains. While this is lighter than other metals, this is still noticeably heavier in your hand than standard injection molded dice but not heavy enough that you’d likely damage a table top with them under normal use. Titanium is the perfect weight for a die. It’s heavy enough to know your rolling metal, but not so heavy as to be a potential table destroyer.

PLEASE NOTE: these dice are made to order, and require a minimum amount of time to craft as outlined in our FAQ.

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Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 1 in
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38 reviews for Titanium Dragon’s Dice

  1. gabriel

    I can’t wait for these to arrive! I’ll have to take some pictures of them when they do.

  2. boeja

    this looks freaking awsume this the next thing iam going to buy for my self keep it up articen dice you guys make amazing stuff

  3. Jason

    i watched the Dragon’s Breath Finish video and I’m very interested in the “ti-mascus” blend for a d20. Hope it becomes available soon

  4. Gabriel

    ^^^ This. I understand now that was primarily a Kickstarter item, but at the time I didn’t & got really excited when I saw it. I hope it can eventually be added to the line-up.

  5. Korey

    I am loving the way these look, would you be able to do a set of 6 instead of 5?

  6. Eduardo Nunes

    In the link to the dragon’s dices sets there’s the image of a wooden dice box. Do you offer the box as well, does it comes with the dices or it’s just ilustrative

  7. Eduardo Nunes

    Sorry for the Double post, But, do you guys send to Brazil?

  8. Talgin

    I have 2 things that need to be said. One, you guys are the Tiffany of dice, and second, would you guys ever try to make Damascus steel dice?

  9. Donthedragon39

    why can i not order titanium dragon dice???

  10. Michael

    Definitely waiting anxiously for my set

  11. Jonathan

    I think you need more minions, so I can order some Titanium dice:-)

  12. william6290

    Greetings – I too am anxiously awaiting arrival. I ordered and paid a while ago (Sep. 9, 2014). How long is typical wait ARO/Payment?

    • answerer

      I thought I read that they were waiting to get a laser to etch the numbers on.

      But, don’t quote me.

  13. rhiannon

    How can I order a set of these? I don’t see a button anywhere to add these to my cart. This website seems really broken.

    • answerer

      If there isn’t an option. They aren’t available.

    • answerer

      An example would be under carbon fiber in the “alchemist” dice sets.

      You’d have the option to select a bubble next to a description with a price in parentheses.

  14. Michelle

    I was looking at ordering a set like this and also the steel set. How much would that be? I am ordering them for my husband and just trying to get a price range.

  15. Mark

    Is there a way I can sign up to be notified as soon as these become available?

  16. mistercam

    Hey Charlie

    I’d like to see some photos of your various metallic dice, etched with numbers, with the dragon’s breath flame finish applied. I’ve looked at your photos on Flickr as well as Facebook, but couldn’t find any.


    • mistercam

      Oh wait. The picture of the etched dragon’s breath flame finished dice was staring at me right in the face. I see you’re using this photo as the cover of your Facebook page.

      Disregard my previous request 😉

  17. Dan

    When will more runs of this be made. They look so sweet and I definitely want a set.

  18. dustin

    They said something about tungstin… I want those.

  19. Robert

    Finally into a little bit of money, so eagerly awaiting these to become available. Either that or one of the (possibly) cheaper sets. My DM has some old-school Brass Beasts, and I’ve been looking to compete for a while in terms of style. Looking forward to trying these out.

  20. Michelle

    When will these be available to order?

  21. RevHaus235

    I’ve been fascinated by titanium for a long time now, and these would be some of the coolest dice to own, ever. When will they be available for order? This is the perfect gift to get myself with my income tax refund. I’ll pre-order and pre-pay if I have to, I’ll be patient and wait for them once I have ordered a set and know they will be mine.

  22. Dave

    Any update on this. I need a set of these like a fat kids cake.

  23. John-James

    I too would love an estimate on when these might be available, they look amazing!

  24. Bryson

    Been wondering about these for a long time now. Was told they’d be available by the end of Feb for ordering. Still no info? Updates please!?!?!

  25. Daniel

    Any potential on when these will be available to order? The website still says February!

  26. Aurumvorax

    I cant wait to order some dice. I hope things are moving smoothly for the crew here.

  27. J

    Hi! Its June 4 2016, and I was wondering if you are still making/taking orders for any of the metal dice? Seems like you have been busy with technical errors. Thanks!

  28. DOTE

    Is there an option for metal dice without the dragons breath finish I am lookin into ordering some once they are back up and I would like to order dragons breath and normal in the future for a variety of dice in my D&D arsenal

    • Charlie Brumfield

      for now we are just offering dragons breath finish as we had very few orders placed for bare metal.

      • J

        Charlie, please respond to my comment.

        • Charlie Brumfield

          Sorry about that I was responding from the latest activity part of admin side of our site. didn’t see your comment as it was older.

          yes we had a bunch of issues with process and machines. those have all been sorted out and we’re rocking dice out as fast as we can. the only metal dice we are currently taking orders for is titanium. we will add the other metals back to our site as the summer progresses.

          • J

            Thank you very much for this information! Look forward to ordering one of the dice here

  29. DOTE

    I have one more question I just found your site through a friend and I became intrigued quickly so I have looked at your old kick-started campaigns and was wondering if Graphite, Nickel, Damascus Steel, Cast Iron, Tungsten, Niobium and Timascus will make it to the site for ordering because I have a fascination for metal dice and they look and sound amazing

    • Charlie Brumfield

      They will be added back as the summer progresses and we get the process perfected for each material. We had a ton of issues with machines and process gremlins with the initial orders from the KS and our first round of web orders so we are being overly cautious as we add each of our metal dragons back to the site.

  30. DOTE

    Alright thank you for your feed back I will be saving to get full polyhedral sets so I can possibly be ready for them on the launch on the site I just can’t wait to be “Rolling in style” lol

  31. Amazed

    Artisan Dice is truly exceptional. Check out their BBB rating. Before you spend any money here, look carefully at these reviews – no one has actually received their dice yet!

    • Re: Amazed

      Not sure what you’re talking about, I’ve received many dice from Artisan Dice over the years.

    • mistercam

      I have received numerous orders placed with Artisan Dice.

    • Charlie Brumfield

      We refuse to do business through the BBB. See the following link as to why.


      We have no intention of ever having anything to do with the BBB. The rating this organization gives is purely based on the willingness of businesses to handle communications with customers through them, or becoming accredited at a cost of thousands of dollars to those businesses. We handle all communication with our customers through direct email.

  32. Amazed

    I’m referring to these dice – the titanium ones, and the reviews directly above. Read them. No one mentions having received their dice…

  33. Michael Chen

    I wonder why this material doesn’t have d6. Also, if any staff read this, any interesting material coming up lately? I have this code from the Kickstarter campaign that I haven’t quite figured out what to do with till now, and I’m just starting to slowing find a couple of dice I’d settle for instead of the petrified wood dice; speaking of which, back when the Kickstarter campaign ended, I think Charlie Brumfield mention that he plans to figure out how to do petrified wood dice later on, how’s that coming? I’m still fairly interested in them and would still like to see them someday if possible.

  34. Beau (verified owner)

    Picked up my dice from the guys at GenCon – they are just as gorgeous as the other sets I’ve gotten from ArtisanDice – it was very cool meeting Charlie, David and the guys. Looking forward to rolling these for years to come!

  35. Kevin Lee (verified owner)

    My d20 finally came in after some delays because of “gremlins” but its a beautiful dice and well worth it as a gift for a serious table top gamer.

  36. Kameryn Underwood (verified owner)

    My dice finally came in, and they are just as perfect and lovely as I’d hoped. But I can’t give a full 5 stars because of the number of delays that this product has had, and the only way that I knew about it was because I contacted them twice. I had placed my order during GenCon 2016, and I just received them today, June 2, 2017. That’s over three times as long as the minimum time that they promote on their FAQ page. Now, I understand that they had some SERIOUS machining errors that caused the huge delay, which were mentioned on their Facebook page, and created a monstrous backlog for them to try to work through, but I wish that I had received some email or some notification that informed me of the delay. Also, I had checked that, during this time, the orders page for these dice did not have any sort of warning stating that they were having issues, and that the machining times would be much longer than described on their FAQs page due to them working through orders.

    When I contacted Artisan Dice, I asked both times how long the delays would be. I did not receive any real answer, except that they are trying to work as hard as they can to get through their backlog. I would have even been sufficient with a number of orders that were ahead of me. I seriously considered asking if I could cancel my order, in hopes of possibly ordering a different set that was a bit less problematic.

    I am glad that I didn’t, however, because the dice are absolutely beautiful, and I am very happy with the final product. It was worth the wait, for sure, but a little more heads up next time would be appreciated.

  37. Nicole Garrelts (verified owner)

    I ordered these for my husband a year ago. They were a surprise before our wedding.its been a year of occasional, careful use. They still look amazing and have weathered better than I could have hoped. He loves them. They are beautiful and perfectly worked. Took a bit of time to get, but you can’t rush perfection. Very heavy and came packaged neatly. His only complaint was they were not all flipped to the highest number in the box. I don’t get it? I assume it’s a nerdy superstition. Regardless, we loved them and definitely will order from here again!

  38. Daniel E (verified owner)

    These dice are beautiful! Thank you for the speedy replies to all my emails and status requests.

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