Toreador Black Rose Dice

Black hearted dice crafted for Kindred creatures of the night.

The Artisan Call

Much like the cursed Kindred of the Toreador Clan, The Minions at Artisan Dice are enamored with the creation of finest dice from the best materials in the world.

Our Rose Petal Dice embody this drive for ultimate beauty in dice. Who could help but fall in love with the delicate material and its vibrant color. However, we have pushed beyond the mere red rose to a new dark loveliness, black as a vampire’s soul.

Dark Inspiration

The word “Toreador” means “bullfighter” in Spanish. The term is most famously used in Carmen, an Opera from the late 1800s. The titular character, Carmen, is said to exemplify the ideals of the Vampire Clan Toreador. Vampires obsessed with art, beauty, and the need to be admired.

The Toreador in turn serve as the inspiration for these darkly inspired dice.

An Ancient Motif

The rose has existed in the greater western consciousness for the better part of recorded history as a symbol beauty. Held between the teeth of a sensational bullfighter in the ring, you can see the violent beauty the Toreadors obsesses over.  The vibrant red of its petals sometime evoke an alternative symbolism for others, that of the crimson drip of blood from a wayward finger pricked upon the rose’s thorn.

Crafted from the blackest of roses, emblazoned with the bloody red rose on the 20 side of the d20, not only the symbol of the bull fighter but also the mark of the clan,  and a silver cross on the 1 side, one of the traditional banes of vampires.

Rare and Elusive

Much like the otherworldly entities who call the shadow home, these dice are rare and will not be seen for long.  We have crafted a special small run of these dice particularly for the occasion of All Hallow’s Eve and they will be gone as quick as they came.

Rarer still, we have crafted a very small selection of 10D10 sets for those with a proclivity for exploring other worlds, shrouded in darkness.

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Toreador Black Rose Dice



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