Black Timascus Dice

Forged by master blacksmiths, these pattern welded titanium dice are interspersed with dark layers of Zirconium.

Forging Aerospace Metals

Timascus is an insanely expensive material crafted by forge welding two dissimilar Titanium alloys together in similar manner a traditional blacksmith might use to create Damascus Steel. In this case the Titanium Alloys used are Grade 2 or Commercially Pure Titanium and 6Al4V layered with Zirconium.

Zirconium is a silvery metal used primarily in steel alloys meant for corrosive environments, ceramic glazes, abrasives, artificial gemstones, and its even used as an topical antibacterial as well as a deodorant.

Ground to Perfection

Once we receive these custom forged billets, their first stop is to be machined in one of our state of the art 4 axis CNC mills. After they pass their post machining inspection,  these spaceaged dice blanks are then hand ground to 9 microns and polished to absolute perfection.

Forged by Master Smiths

 Creating a Black Timascus Billet, especially one over an inch thick, is a labor intensive and time consuming process which only the most skilled craftsmen can accomplish. By repeatedly hammering, twisting, and folding the dissimilar Titanium billets together, the craftsman can create a number of different patterns in the final forge welded Titanium billet. All the while the Titanium billets must kept above the forging temp of 1400°F and in an atmosphere devoid of oxygen. The Addition of Zirconium to these Titanium billets gives these dice their black striping.

Tempered by Dragon’s Fire

Dragon’s Breath Finish creates the striking patterns you see here. Each stripe is created by the dissimilar grades of Titanium oxidizing at differing rates due to their differing chemical compositions. This gives each and every die a unique one off pattern. Using these grades of titanium means we are able to expand our color pallet from the typical vibrant blues purples, and bronzes of our normal Titanium dice and expand in to greens, lavenders, and pinks you’ll see in some of the d20s available here. The addition of Zirconium gives us the contrasting dark gunmetal bands.

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These single d20s are crafted from ZircuTi, an insanely expensive material created by forge welding two dissimilar Titanium alloys together then folding in some highly flammable Zirconium in similar manner a traditional blacksmith might use to create Damascus Steel.

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