The Artisan Story

Artisan Dice owes it’s existence to a complete lack of Fudge Dice on the East side of Dallas, Texas. My gaming group had just started playing The Dresden Files RPG and I was not able get the Fudge style dice needed to play the RPG. So I headed to the local woodworking shop and picked up a couple dozen blanks of the finest exotic hardwoods they had and set about fashioning several sets of Fudge Dice to give out to my fellow players at the next gaming night.

To say the least, my gaming group was astounded. The dice were so well-received that they spent the next several hours convincing me to make them available to the entirety of the Internet. 24 hours later, Artisan Dice was launched, and successfully funded through our first KickStarter in March of 2012. It still astounds me today to think back on that first month of Artisan Dice’s existence. The AD story is one of over night success. What started as a weekend project turned in to a full time passion quite literally overnight.

We’ve come a long way since then. From one fat, bald, pie loving, dice making ninja in his garage, to a full compliment of dice crafting Minions and plethora of machines dedicated to the task. Today, we continue to improve on what was started in 2012. Each set of dice we make is a chance to continually tweak what we do in an on going effort to craft something of absolute perfection. Myself and all of the minions at Artisan Dice are committed to making the best dice on the planet. Each one is crafted individually, through a mixture of modern CNC machining, and old world handcrafting techniques. Every face of each die is still hand polished, and each die is still a unique work of art crafted by gamers for gamers.


Charlie Brumfield

Fat, bald, pie loving, dice making ninja.

The Alpha Dice

Below you’ll find photos of those very first sets of dice that I made entirely with the limited hand tools I owned at the time. A cheap Drill Press, a plastic miter box and hand saw, along with a palm sander were all that was used to make the Alpha Dice as my gaming group calls them. We’ve come along way in both the methodology and skills we use to make dice since these were made. Though none of these dice sets would pass muster today, it’s still nice to look back at where we started.

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