Ptolemaic d20s

Teflon (alchemist's dice)

Khamphi Rosewood Burl

Soapstone Polyhedral Dice

Convention Display

Machining Solid Iron D6's

Solid Iron d6's

2014-03-21 19.27.36-1

machined acrylic dice

viridian (alchemist's dice)

windu (alchemist's dice)

vermillion (alchemist's dice)

shadow (alchemist's dice)

pthalo (alchemist's dice)

minionsblood (alchemist's dice)

intellectus (alchemist's dice)

ghost (alchemist's dice)

first run alchemist d20s

cinnabar (alchemist's dice)

aquus (alchemist's dice)

Latest Projects

whiskey stone d20s

This round of Scotch Rock d20s is crafted from black architectural-grade soapstone. These dice have a dark charcoal coloration that makes for easily read numbers thanks to high-contrast engraving. Soapstone can be worked with regular wood working tools, and when it turns to dust it magically becomes baby powder, keeping the minions’ hands soft and supple. The Architectural-grade soapstone used in this run has a much lower talc content than the artist-grade stone we used in the original Scotch Rock d20s, ...

whiskey stone d20s

This round of Scotch Rock d20s is crafted from black ...
- $78.00

Aurora Purple Heart d6s Lead Image

Aurora Borealis is one of the most hauntingly beautiful sights ...
- $102.00

Polyester Lead Alt

Polyester Resin d20s are machined from a special blend ...
- $39.00

Purple Heart Polyhedral

This is the inital run of specialty numbered polyhderal Druid's ...
- $25

purple heart and turquoise

Today is National Dice Day. In celebration of National Dice ...
- $98.00

desert iron wood turquoise dice

The first round of goodies from our live build is ...
- $85.00

  • Cast with Class

    Assorted D6s

    In continuing celebration of the holidays, we're automatically adding a bonus d20 to every order of $100 or more until December 24th.

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