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Purple Heart Polyhedral DiceBy far one of the most beautiful woods on earth.  When clear coated Purple Heart often takes on an iridescence similar to Bloodwood. On top of all that, Purple Heart has a very vibrant purple color. It is more vibrant than the dyed woods available, proving that nobody does it better than mother nature. This vibrant purple is attained through oxidation. So basically it’s wood rust. When purple heart is fresh cut it is a purplish brown. After several days to a couple of weeks exposure to oxygen in the air the wood takes on its familiar purple hue. Once the oxidation is complete we then clear coat the dice.

Purple Heart is pound for pound, one of the strongest woods in the world and is very rot/insect resistant. It’s used in commercial construction and boat build for this reason. It’s also quite heavy with a very nice tap tone thanks to its density, making this wood sought after for fine musical instruments.

NOTE: Purple Heart is a genus that is comprised of 23 different species, they vary in color from a reddish-maroon to a dark chocolate-purple, so your dice may not have the exact same coloration.

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12 reviews for Purple Heart

  1. What is the significance of the sap wood?

    • it is usually a distinct difference in color. meaning the dice will have two colors of wood on as the stock was cut from to include both sap wood and heart wood.

  2. These are just beautiful. As soon as i found your website I went looking for purple heart. I have used it in boat building and it is my favorite wood. Before I order though I wanted to ask, it looks like the polyhedral sets have very sharp edges, instead of the rounded like the D6 sets, is that the case? and if it is would i be able to get them with the rounded edges like the D6 sets?

    • with the exception of the d4 the edges are crisp not sharp. (think small radius)

  3. Are there any pictures of this wood in the polyhedral set?

  4. Can I get them printed with just the 1 5 and 6 and without 2-4?

    • yes, simply request that in the note to seller at check out.

    • Hey Calum. Your comment caught my eye, and purely out of curiosity, can you explain why you’d want to do that? Is it purely personal preference, or is their some advantage to doing so. I’ve been sitting here racking my brain over it, but I think it’s just my lack of experience with polyhedral dice and their gaming applications that are preventing me from seeing the reason for this. Thanks!

      • Probably for a game like Shadowrun where 1 is botch and 5/6 is success.

  5. Could I get a picture of what these look like in dice form?

  6. It is possible to order the numbers be painted a specific color (gold/yellow) so that they stand out on the purple better than the black?

    • Nope, we don’t paint any of our dice, but feel free to do it on your own 🙂

  7. Hi. Is it possible to get these in 12 mm, either for the fudge dice or the polyhedral? Also, are the symbols on the fudge dice laser etched or dremmeled these days?

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  9. Is it possible to get a d20 in Purple Heart? I’ve worked with this in New Zealand and would love a d20 in it. Also, on a side note, can you folks do anything in Rimu? South Pacific Rimu would be fine.

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  11. Wow! This wood is absolutely stunning! Your website is amazing, everything on here is beautifully crafted and you are just awesome for being able to make all of these dice! I was wondering, i am starting to get into the whole Dnd thing. however, though i hate to admit that i am a starving college student, i have to ask if there is a way i could buy an individual dice such as a D12? Would that be possible?

  12. Is it possible to get a set stone inlaid d6 in this type of wood?

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