I hope everyone had a great first weekend of summer. For those of us in the good old U.S. of A. it was Memorial Day Weekend. That time of year where we honor our Military heroes. Typically we do this by having a massive barbecue, going to the lake, consuming copious amount of booze, or any combination of the three. (Yes we Americans are quite a classy bunch of folks.) Those of us at Artisan Dice didn’t do anything near that level of fun though. Instead we slaved away in the dice shop with an electrical panel on its last legs and an air conditioner that went kaput. As usual here’s a quick photo tour of our weekend.

We also got the laser cutter / engraver up and running. I’ll post some pics of it in action in the next update along with a giant list of folks whose orders have shipped. Thanks again for everyone’s continued patience while we ironed out the last of the bugs in the shop. Only thing we have left to address is the electrical issue which will be fixed by the end of the week. We’re just waiting on replacement breakers to get here. I had to source them online since the company has been out of business for quite some time now. (Did I mention how much I hate Federal Pacific panels?) On the off-chance the up rated breaker doesn’t fix the issue I’ll be having an auxiliary panel installed for the garage. Panel supports up to a 70 amp “main for lights” we currently have a 60 amp breaker that is weak and can only handle about 20 amps so I’m hoping the new break will give us enough head room for now.

One last note. If you have messaged me over the weekend and I did not get back to you please email me again. I got a TON of emails over the weekend so I may have missed one or two. For those of you that have gotten your dice already. I’m really glad you like them and I’m loving the pictures yall are sending in. Keep them coming. I can’t wait to see what yall come up with for the dice box competition.


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