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black soapstone polyhedralThese polyhedral dice are crafted from black architectural-grade soapstone, which gives them a dark charcoal coloration that makes for easy to read numbers thanks to high-contrast engraving. Soapstone can be worked with regular wood working tools, and when it turns to dust it magically becomes baby powder, keeping the minions’ hands soft and supple. The Architectural-grade soapstone we use has a much lower talc content than the artist-grade stone we used in the original Scotch Rock d20s,  thus making for a much more durable die. We highly recommend that you do not roll these on glass, and if you want your wooden table and dice to survive for more than one gaming session, a padded surface is a good idea.

Soapstone has many uses from countertops and fireplaces to pipes and figurines. My favorite use for soapstone is whiskey stones. That’s right: pop these bad boys in the freezer and give a new meaning to the term “on the rocks”. You can get a set of three Scotch Rocks here.

PLEASE NOTE: soapstone has a tendency to get a powdered appearance when it dries out. Occasionally wetting the dice with mineral oil will help to maintain the black lustrous appearance.

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Black Soapstone

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Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your investment is covered under our lifetime warranty.
Made In Texas

Our dice are made in our a state of the art facilites in Dallas, Texas by skilled craftsmen using the finest materials avialable. 

Lifetime Warranty

We understand that you value your dice collection. We do too. That’s why all of our dice are covered under our lifetme warranty.

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Handcrafted for the discerning gamer. Our dice are crafted from premium materials with luxurious craftsmanship.

Customer Reviews

(2 customer reviews)
2 reviews for Black Soapstone
  1. Jennifer Yanuklis

    Any chance of getting a set of these made with the same symbols that are on the Ptolemaic d20? I have one of those and I would LOVE a full set of them (Classics nerd)!

  2. Bart (verified owner)

    Man, I love stone dice! When hold in the light on a certain way, it becomes all shiny. I am very happy with this die. My order was shipped a bit late (to the Netherlands), for I had to wait more than 6 months to receive the dice. The reason was the availability of the bison horn. But the fast response on my mails and the fact that I got an extra druid d20(!!!) made it worth the wait. I definitely going show of my new dice to my dnd group!

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