Blood and Bones

Crafted from South American Blood Wood inlaid with bone numbers and finished in an exotic wood marquetry worked gaming case.

One of a Kind

Blood and Bones is the latest installation in our Signature Series. Each set in this series is a one of a kind work of functional gaming art. Blood and Bones is no different, finely crafted in the bloody hues of the aptly named Bloodwood, then inlaid with bone numbers sourced from retired medical skeletons, These dice are aptly named. Included with this unique set are a matched pen and pencil set lathe turned in a matching highly polished bloodwood and finished in 24k gold plated hardware. The pen features a parker ink refill and the pencil uses a beefy  0.7mm lead.

Handcrafted Excellence

The process of crafting our dice takes an extensive amount of time and skill on any level.  When we create one of our specialty sets like these, however, the amount of hand work required increases significantly.

After their initial machining, each die gets treated with special care, being shaped and inlaid by hand.  It takes a steady hand and keen eye to fill each intricately engraved number with bone.

Reliquary Gaming Case

These epic level dice are encased in a one of kind prototype Reliquary carved from Bloodwood. This case was originally designed years ago when we were searching for our current box design. As we no longer have the drawings for this style of box, we simply can make any more. This box has been hanging around for years waiting on the perfect dice set, and now it has finally found its match. The box itself has been finished out in a ebony sued leather. The lid features a one of a kind marquetry work of art including the following woods. None of which are dye nor stained.

    • Cherry
    • Pink Ivory
    • Bloodwood
    • American Holly
    • Bois d’arc
    • Lignum Viate
    • Blue Mahoe
    • Osage Orange
    • Purple Heart
    • Iron Inlay

Our finest dice, given away.

Yes that’s right, these dice are not for sale. We’re giving them away to one lucky customer this month. Every person who places an order before 11:59 pm November 30th 2022 will receive 1 entry to win The Blood and Bones dice set. You can also purchase bonus entries here.*

* – no purchase necessary see official rules for details.

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