Cambodian Rosewood


Each of these dice is meticulously carved from ethically sourced Cambodian Rosewood, a rare wood hailing from the Indochina Peninsula, this wood is seldom seen on this side of the world. Renowned for its deep, lustrous reddish-brown color and captivating grain patterns, the dark chocolate brown hues with hints of black streaks bring a touch of mystique to your gaming experience, evoking the allure of ancient realms and exotic locals just waiting to be explored.


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Introducing for the first time ever, the exotic “Cambodian Rosewood” Dice Set, where elegance meets the thrill of a table top adventure! Crafted with precision and from a legendary rosewood, this dice set is a true treasure for avid gamers and collectors alike.

These dice are more than just beautiful; they are built for a life time of adventure. Cambodian rosewood’s exceptional density and durability make each die a reliable addition to an adventurer’s kit. They’re built for a lifetime and have a warranty to match, these dice are guarantied to provide dramatic rolls adding an extra layer of excitement to your next D&D adventure.

The smooth, polished surfaces of these Cambodian rosewood dice have interlocking grain patterns that add a touch of uniqueness, ensuring that no two dice are alike, just like the diverse characters and stories that unfold in the table top realm of Dungeons and Dragons.

Embrace the spirit of conservation with our Cambodian Rosewood Dice Set. Each set sold allows us to contribute to the preservation of this endangered species and its natural habitat, by promoting sustainable practices and responsible sourcing as the materials for these dice are sourced from the legal logging trade regulated under CITES Appendix II. Join us in protecting the magical wonders of our world, both real and imaginary.


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