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fate bender d20sBack in 2014, we released what we though might be a funny gag with our April Fools’ Dice. I was super surprised when one of our customers came up with a legitimate way to use them in a game. His solution was elegantly simple, when a player sets up a situation that is beneficial to him, he gets to roll the d20 with 2 #20s. But, if the situation is looking bleak for the player, he’d roll the d20 with 2 #1’s.  This could even be used to expand D&D next’s Advantage & Disadvantage system for even more flexibility.

For instance, let’s say your player wants to dive off the balcony, to I dunno, escape the angry guards, sent by his lady love’s father to lock him in the stockades, over what we can only assume is an extremely unfortunate misunderstanding. The guards are closing in fast and your player is, shall we say, a bit half dressed and with only a few seconds to make the jump is obviously at a bit of a disadvantage. However being the dashing rogue, he has of course his been in a similar situation a time or two and has stashed a bit of rope just out of sight.

While the odds may be stacked against our hero and he’s looking at quite the negative modifier on that upcoming jump check, he’s probably earned a bit of help from the gods of fate. Now is the perfect time to roll that double 20 die and hope he can bend fate far enough to make a swash buckling escape worthy of an Errol Flynn movie.

To aid our intrepid hero, we bundled 3 fate bending dice in this set. The first among them, the Bloodwood d20 of ill fortune, we have dubbed the “d20-“. It has no #20 on the die; instead it sports two #1’s. Second in the set is a d20 of standard fair crafted from a random exotic wood. The last in the set has been smiled upon by Fortuna herself, a d20+ crafted from The Tree of Life and engraved with twin #20’s. All three dice will come in a round steel tin.

NOTE: we do not make puzzle cut boxes anymore, since they tend to break easily. These dice will ship in one of our round steel tins.

2 reviews for Fate Bender D20s

  1. Pirate Jarnes

    I was thinking more Douglas Fairbanks, in Thief of Baghdad.

  2. Glenn Gray (verified owner)

    Just got my fate benders in the mail and all I can say is WOW! Beyond expectation can’t wait to use them in our campaign!

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