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Much like Osage Orange and Bois d’ Arc are virtually the same, just from different parts of the world, so too are Guaiacum and Argentine Lignum Vitae. Lignum Vitae, or the Tree of Life, is an Iron Wood, that has a myriad of uses. From being one of the best self lubricating bearings for wet environments to medicinal tea, this wood is a highly valued resource. It’s also the heaviest wood in the world. It was used as the main prop shaft bearing on the USS Nautilus, the  world’s first nuclear powered submarine, as well as most of the Liberty Ships during WWII.

When fresh cut, Lignum Vitae has a tan coloration. This means that as your dice ages they will take on vivid green patina. This typically takes from a few days to a several months depending on the stock we receive. In general the older the item made from Lignum Vitae is, the richer the green coloration will be. Due to its overabundance of wax that makes it such a good self lubricating bearing, we do not need to add a finish to it, however we now clear coat the Lignum Vitae dice with lacquer to draw deep green color to the surface immediately.




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1 review for Lignum Vitae (Argentine)

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  5. Damnusername (verified owner)

    While I haven’t had a chance to use this set in a game yet, I have done a bunch of test rolls. The dice themselves seem to be slightly heavier than acrylic dice of the same type. The finish is beautiful and allows easy viewing of the wood grain and lines. The D4 being slightly rounded on the tips is a nice touch for minimizing pain.

    I haven’t had my set for long enough that they start to gain green streaks, but I imagine that they will look stunning with the new streaks.

    Unrelated to this specific set and more to do with artisan dice in general, A+ customer support. I had an relatively large delay with my shipment and they were nice enough to ship an apology D20 of another wood. Made up for the delay in my opinion and has me much more onboard with ordering in the future as I look at other sets.

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