Kudu Bone Dice


These dice are crafted from Kudu bones set in crystal clear resin. Kudu are among the most majestic antelope to roam the earth.


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One of the largest antelopes, Kudus are highly valued for their impressively twisted horns which are commonly used for Shofars, a Jewish ritual horn blown at Rosh Hashanah. These majestic antelope roam the African savannahs in small groups and as individuals during the wet season but come together during the dry seasons when food and water become scarce.  Kudu are truly massive. At 680lbs Kudu are among the largest antelope on earth. Their barking call is the loudest of all antelope and can be heard nearly a mile away.

Like the white-tailed deer common in the U.S., kudus’ tails are white underneath and are held upright when the animal flees in impressive, bounding leaps, covering up to 30 feet at a time. And much like the white-tailed deer, Kudu are a popular game animal. Much sought after by hunters, both for the magnificent twisted horns of bulls and high-quality meat, Kudu are the hunted species in southern Africa generating 13% of all wildlife tourism dollars in South Africa. This income is one of the best ways to counter poaching and habitat loss.



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