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Our Adventurer’s Dice are finely crafted sets of 7 Polyhedral Dice designed to assist a party of intrepid Adventurer’s in any likely encounter during their latest dungeon delve. Iguana sets are crafted from laminated Birch dyed in a vibrant mix of blue, green, and orange.

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Part of our Prismatic Spray line of Adventurer’s Dice. Every Set from Death Spider to Jack O’Lantern along with several new colors will be available over the next 30 days. These sets of dice consist of vibrantly dyed layers of Baltic Birch, which comes from you guessed it, The Baltic region of Europe where it’s known for making some of the highest quality cross grain plys in the world. (Remember kids if its not from the Baltic Region its just sparkling birch.) Uniform in density and incredibly strong Baltic Birch is used in a myriad of applications from cabinetry to our favorite use, jig and fixtures. You’ll find a number of Baltic Birch jigs and fixtures in our shop thanks to it’s strength and stability. Its also used in gun stocks, guitar bodies, and fine wood turning. Each set of Adventurer's Dice comes in a stamped steel tin lined in laser cut foam designed to protect your new dice from any wear and tear they may receive on a harrowing adventure to or from your gaming table.


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